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Finding the Beauty in the Now


If I had a dollar for every time someone told me I’d miss when Sam was a newborn, I’d pretty much be able to quit my job and live a life of luxury forever. So far, in the first 16months, they’d be wrong. I am 100% willing to admit that at some point this may change; I’m nowhere near an expert on parenting, and in the grand scheme of how long I’ll actually be a mom, I’m through, what, 5% of it? I also realize that having had another baby so soon probably changes it too, since every phase Sam outgrows I know Piper Joy will be in soon enough. So perhaps next year, I will eat these words. And I’ll do it gladly…but for now….

I LOVE every phase of Sam’s growing up. Every single day gets more FUN! And every day that passes now, I love the little guy more and more. I love his sweet faces he makes as he figures out how to scrunch his nose or stick out his tongue. I love his ever growing vocabulary (currently includes: hi, oh yeah, yes, woof, why, diaper, go, cold, uh-oh and wow) and the hilarious ways he uses the words.

I think ultimately, I feel like the absolute best part of parenting is getting to know these sweet little people who have been entrusted to me. I love seeing which books he loves, which toys are his favorite. I can only imagine how much more fun I will have when he can talk to me and tell me his thoughts!! I don’t want to wish away these wonderful days with him by rushing things, but I definitely don’t mind every day that he learns more and grows into the little boy he is becoming. The same is true of Piper as she is also growing quickly.

So for today, I am finding beauty in the little faces of my two growing kiddos and the fact that every day I am closer to discovering who they are!


Finding the Beauty


I’ve never really been an organized person. When I was younger, I played at some friend’s houses who had their Barbie accessories neatly divided into like articles of clothing, matching outfits for all occasions, and little lined up shoes that always had their matches. I, on the other hand, kept my Barbies in or under my bed, and they were lucky if they were wearing an outfit at all, let alone a matching outfit. This was all much to my nearly-OCD mother’s dismay, and so on the occasions that my messiness simply became too much for her to handle, I’d throw everything into a box and call it clean. Years later, I was thankful when my first college roomates also shared my messy tendencies, because though our room could have put a boy’s dorm room to shame, at least we didn’t have to argue about it! When I met and married my husband, I was again relieved to find that my messiness wouldn’t be a problem, as I’d married someone just like me! We lived through our first year blissfully creating messes in our first apartment; watching the dishes pile up, lifting our feet over piles of laundry, and basking in the freedom to let the mess abound. The upside to both of us being messy is that in our nearly 3 years of marriage, I can count on one hand the number of housework-related arguments we’ve had. The downside is that neither of us has really pushed for us creating an organized and functional home.

When it was just Geoff and me, this wasn’t a big deal. We had friends over often enough that we got cleaned up on a semi-regular basis and our little chaos didn’t bother us. We ended up getting pregnant when we had only been married about 7 months, and right before little Sammy was born, we moved into our first house. As we prepared for the move, I was feeling like I really wanted to create a home for us. But old habits die hard, and the addition of a new little life did NOT make me a cleaner person!

Now, though, that we are a family of 4, the time has really come to start creating a home for us. When Geoff and I got married, a part of my vows was “to create a peaceful home, a respite from a sometimes hectic world.” I really want to live up to those vows, and I want my children to grow up in a home that is beautiful. Some of the creating of beauty doesn’t seem very glamorous–scrubbing the counters every night isn’t exactly my favorite thing. But waking up in the morning and making a cup of coffee in a clean kitchen? That’s beautiful. So this year I am on a quest to find and create as much beauty as I can in the world around me, and especially in the little world of my home.

As part of this quest, I am challenging myself to not only find the beauty, but to capture it in words that I will be able to look back on. So, this blog is going to serve as an opportunity for me to record and share the ways that I’m finding beauty in my life. I am looking forward to sharing with everyone who wants to read. I am not promising eloquence, but I am promising honesty. Feel free to come along with me 🙂