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Random Thursday


So, turns out blogging twice a week isn’t as easy as I’d thought. Maybe, though, that’s because this is been a horrible week.

My little guy is having a hard time right now–we’re in the process of figuring out if it’s medical or just a response to the move and all the changes, but either way, I’m losing my mind. I don’t actually know where my wit’s end is, but I know that I was there on several occasions. There’s just so much pressure involved in this parenting thing-I’m waiting to hear back the results from all his bloodwork and labs, which could be bad news (it probably isn’t, but it could be.) But then if it’s nothing, it means these are all discipline issues and all of a sudden I have to actually have my parenting act together.

In other news, I went running for the first time post-Memphis today. Geoff and I set off together (benefit of living with my folks–running together after the kids go to bed!) with Shadow (oh yeah–did  I mention we got a dog? Cuz we definitely did.) and I learned a lot. I learned than Geoff’s legs are a lot longer than mine, so even though he hasn’t been running in months, and has never done distance running, he kicked my butt. I learned that reflective gear is pretty important for running at night. And that if you don’t have that, sidewalks are even more important. And most of all, I learned not to ingest large quantities of hot dogs and homemade mac&cheese before runs, because otherwise you will throw them up in the bushes. Educational night, overall. Tonight marked the first night of training for my next 1/2 Marathon, which still blows my mind. It also will be Geoff’s first 1/2, and I’m SUPER excited to share this adventure with him. We’ll be traveling to Nashville again, and I can’t wait for Geoff to meet all my running buddies and get a little taste of the fun I had last time I went. I also may or may not be trying to convince him to let me go to Nashville alone in March for a girly getaway–because that’s not crazy, right? Yeah.

Anyways, Sbux calls early. You should come in and try our new roast–it’s actually quite delicious.


New shoes and such


So, this week is my last week of full time management! Crazy and scary and wonderful and sad and way too many things to even consider typing about any of them right now.

One of my girls that works for me got a new job, so she needed to put in her 2 weeks. She did so with a hilarious poem she wrote, and a box of chocolate & sea salt covered caramels. FOUR years in management, and that’s the first person that ever quit with candy. I wish everyone would do that. Hear that, world? If I’m ever a boss again, quit with candy. Always.

Somebody in this house started wearing shoes. Pink shoes. Tiny shoes. And the cuteness might just kill me.

 Piper’s starting to be on her feet more than crawling, so the time has come. She is getting so big! I feel like we knew exactly how Sam was growing and changing because since he was our only kid, our world kinda just revolved around him. Now that our house is busier, I feel like sometimes I just look up and go, “Whoa! Piper is a big girl!” It’s really fun to see her developing personality–girlfriend has a stink-face! She is too funny.

 Sammy has been super into planes lately. We took both the kids to Aviation Park the other evening to let them watch the planes take off and play. Sam LOVED it and every time a plane flew by, he’d yell “PAAAAANNNEEE!!! HHIIIII PPAAAANNNEEEE! GOOOOOOOOO!” It was hilarious! I’m loving as my kids get older that we get to have fun family days that they actually enjoy. I’ve been taking Sam on trips since he was born that I always imagined would be more fun than they are–only to get there and realize he’s too little or doesn’t care about whatever I took him to see. But finally he loves seeing new things and experiencing the world and I love showing it to him!

Allrighty, I’m outta here–I have to admit that knowing it’s my last week of full time is kind of bringing me the big girl version of senioritis! I’m desperately trying not to be totally checked-out yet, so I gotta try and be focused for a few more shifts….

Things to Remember


I wanted to jot down a few quick things that I’m afraid I’ll forget about these precious times with my babies 😀

–When Sam sees a balloon, he yells, “A-boon! A-boon!”

–Sam calls oatmeal “eeee-meeel”

–When Piper hears the CD player in the living start up, her entire world stops and she enters a musical trance until the music ends

–Sam is great at saying “please” but he mostly combines it with other words, such as “Uppies!” (up please!) “helppies!” (help please!) “nilkies!” (milk please!)

–Sam calls cheerioes “Chetchos”

–Piper growls often at her toys and she loves to blow raspberries on anything she can find. She loooooves The Wheels on the Bus more than any other song.

–Sam has made a little friend named Natalee. When he sees her he yells, “Naaaa-neee!!” and wants to hold her hand the entire time she is around.

These sweet little people are the highlight of my days and I’m thankful for their little personalities!


Just a little bit of bacon.


My kids are sleeping right now. They’re both sleeping in the same bed. This both thrills me and scares me. It thrills me because this means that my room is mine again. If I want to go in there right now and turn on the light, I can do it. I can look for something in a dresser. I can turn on Friends loud enough that I can actually hear it (though, let’s be honest, we watch it with practically no volume and I have realized that I have memorized basically every episode from all 10 seasons anyways.) I could even put away laundry instead of leaving it down in the laundry room like I usually do, though I probably won’t. It’s a little scary though, because though PJ is pretty consistent in her night sleeping, she does sometimes wake up…and having 2 awake kids in the middle of the night doesn’t scream ‘Happy Staycation!”

Last night we went out for fancy-pants Anniversary celebration. Yummy dinner–a filet of fish, deboned tableside, and some super awesome crabcakes. I really should have taken a picture but I was busy inhaling seafood. Then after dinner we decided to really class it up, and we went to Friendly’s for dessert. Who knew they had new Create-Your-Own-Lava-Cake sundaes? Well, we ordered one of those badboys, and then we ordered a side of crispy, hot, greasy, salty bacon. Crumbled that goodness right on top. Oh. Man. I reeeeallllly wish I would have taken pictures of it (or, a picture of the server’s face when we ordered) but again, too much inhalation. If you order this, you will feel like a huge fat head, and honestly, you’ll be right. But you really won’t regret it. (Also, if you eat all this, your run the next morning will be awful. And you’ll be cursing those calories the entire time. But did I mention it was worth it?)

Sweet Sammy is 18 months!


Dear Little Sammy,

How can you possibly be 18 months already? It seems like just yesterday you were 6 months old (the first 6 months of your life passed by dreadfully slow…but it has definitely picked up speed!) Since I’m terrible at keeping your baby book and saving memories, I want you to know some of the happy things you bring to this family. You have come so far in your little life!

You are hilarious. Absolutely hilarious. Right now, one of your favorite words is “stuck.” You use it eleventy billion times a day, when anything isn’t going like you think it should. If I go to open a door and it is locked, you shout “STUCK!” If you try to pick up something that is too heavy…”STUCK!” You find it so funny. You also think fake coughs and sneezes are hilarious, and your most favorite game is “stinky feet” where we smell your feet and make yucky faces. You also play a game your daddy invented where he lays on you and pretends to sleep, and you “wake him up.”

You are a total, 100% Daddy’s boy. If Daddy is around, you don’t want anything to do with anyone else. You will follow your daddy around the house, and if he needs to go to the bathroom, you will sit outside the door and cry until he comes back out. You’ve gotten better at when he leaves for work though, and now you like to wave out the door.

Daddy and Sammy playing Stinky Feet!

We got you lots of fun summer toys–a pool, a slide, and a bucket and shovel that you just love. You really love splashing in the water and pouring it on your head. Your other favorite things to do are read books, build block towers, and watch Super Why on the computer. You LOVE Super Why (and call it “Wha”) and get so excited when it comes on. Occasionally you will watch other stuff, but you aren’t very interested in TV unless that is on.

Sam and Super Why

You have a very sensitive and sweet heart. When you went to your friend’s birthday party, you walked around making sure that all the kids had a ball or toy to play with. You get upset when anyone else is upset, especially your baby sister. You could give her kisses all day long, but we have to be careful because sometimes your kisses turn into accidental bites. You also love to try to give her a pacifier, but sometimes it lands in her eye.

You love to “GO!” Anywhere to get out of the house makes you happy. Walks around the block in your car, the grocery store, going to Starbucks–you just love to get out. One of your newest words is “Costco” and it’s your favorite store. You aren’t a great napper, but have gotten better. You do great at night though, and almost always sleep from about 7a-7p.

Overall, you’re a pretty high maintenance kid, but you’re the best kid we could have hoped for. I love seeing your little personality and the boy you are becoming. I can’t believe we’re going to be celebrating your SECOND birthday in just a few months. Thanks for all the happiness and laughter you bring to life–you make my heart so happy and full. I love you, sweet boy!


Mommy 🙂



So, can’t bring myself to form all my thoughts into one coherent post, so here’s a big ol’ pile of randomness!

–Totally crushing on one of these after one of my favorite blogs did a post about them this week. Unfortunately, the price tag is higher than I can dream of right now, plus I don’t live in a place where it would be a practical substitution for transportation. I’d love, love, love to live in a small town and take my kiddos around places in it. Totally dreaming about doing it someday!

–Brand new Starbucks opened up near my house on Friday. It’s huge and beautiful and I am so so proud of all my friends who worked so hard to make it all come together. So far I’ve been in every day since it’s opened, and one day I went in twice. I have a serious problem.

–My hubby got the kids ready and took them to church without me today! I was so proud of him. AND Sam lasted the whole service in the nursery without freaking out. Really proud of him, too.

–The world didn’t end. I, along with most everyone I know, cracked a lot of jokes, etc, about the idea. But, it also made me think about how I’m living my life. I didn’t really think the world was going to end. But, the end is coming!!

–Went yard sale-ing on Saturday with my mom and my dear friend. Found lots of great deals (Crocs for baby PJ, a Thomas the Tank Engine tent for Sam, Mr and Mrs Potato head for both the kids to have in a few years…) and had a blast! Wishing I didn’t work so many weekends so I could get out there and get my deals on more often!

–Desperately wanting to learn how to sew better. I’ve been thinking about it all. the. time. I really need to buckle down and learn some skills; hopefully some classes this summer will make me better able to try some things on my own!

–Sam is hilarious lately. Some of his latest words: Meow, Quack, Stuck, Step, Weeeee (when going down a slide), Costco, Up, and, totally winning me the mother-of-the-year award, my sweet baby boy can say “Oh crap!” Sigh. Whoops on that one…

–I keep a big bag of dark chocolate M&Ms in my freezer, and I eat them every night after dinner. It makes me so super happy.

What’s on your mind this week??

A Happy Day!


Today we took our sweet little boy to the zoo! It was so nice for Geoff and I to be off together and enjoy some beautiful weather and show Sam some new sights, along with our friends Kat and Malachi. It is so exciting to see him grow up and learn new things–every day he says a new word or learns a new “trick.” In the past few weeks, he has learned to blow kisses, how to pretend to go to sleep, how to climb up and slide down a little plastic slide…he’s so fun! He also has lately LOVED big trucks and points and says “OOOOOHHH!” every time he sees one. Today to get to the zoo we were on the highway for awhile and he loved all the big trucks going by.

Sam’s got a sensitive little spirit, and new things sometimes scare him. Some of the up close animals made him nervous, and he held close to his Daddy! The sweetest thing is that when Geoff would try to get closer to something Sam was scared of to show him it was safe, Sam would try to hold him back and protect him! He has such a wonderful little heart.

The older he gets, the more I love showing him the world and seeing his little personality develop. Here’s some pictures of our great day together!

This was his stink face at a scary turtle!!

Sammy and his buddy, Malachi