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Wedding Flashbacks


Soooo since I’ve shared how we met, started dating, and got engaged, I figured I’d share a little bit of our wedding. Our engagement was the most stressful year of my life–and as a note to any unmarrieds that may be reading this, I HIGHLY recommend a short engagement. I’m not super organized, I’m not great at making decisions, and I was super uptight about cost. The combination of these things led to many emotional and long days…but they all came together into one of the most beautiful, special, wonderful days of my life. I’ll just share a few pictures and stories…

I love this picture! This was our rehersal, obviously the part where Geoff would kiss his bride. However, the month before our wedding Geoff and I had agreed not to kiss at all (yeah, we totally stole it from Monica and Chandler on Friends…except they were abstaining from a lil’ bit more!) Let me tell ya, long month…and we were determined not to break it even on the night before! So this was our little “fake” kiss.

Also from our rehersal dinner, this shot captures much of our relationship’s personality. We’re generally being silly, and I’m generally being fiesty. It’s how we roll.

These here are the studs that were Geoff’s groomsman. Two of them are friends from high school (his best man was the friend whose house we re-met at!!) and two are friends he had met later in life. These guys were so much fun to have around in all the wedding prep, and looked pretty good in the crazy colored ties I made them wear, haha! I am such a color fanatic–I found their ties online and each guy coordinated with one of the bridesmaids, as you’ll see later.

 This is me and my bridal party. I had my 3 younger sisters, my 2 sister in laws, a friend I had met at work, and my maid of honor was my college roommate. Love, love, love these girls and they made my day so happy! And they wore crazy flip flops, did the crazy chicken dance, listened to me freak out, and especially my college roomie listened to many an emotional breakdown along the way! I love the way the colors turned out–each girl walked down the aisle with a guy in coordinating colors, and I love the way it all looked.

Here are two of my favorite wedding details–first, flip flops!! I LOVE flip flops, I love bows, and I love polka dots. I was thrilled that my bridesmaids agreed to indulge my color obsession. I also loved my flowers; each girl had a different color bouquet that also coordinated with their shoes (and the tie of the guy they walked with!) and it was all just so flippin’ fun!

Me & the Groom. Such a happy day 🙂 More to come!