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A Proposal Story


Our dating time was a whirlwind–we fell hard, and we fell fast! It was maybe a few months before we started talking marriage, and even though we started dating in February, it only took until late spring for us to know that this was it. So during the summer, I knew that a proposal could happen, but I also wasn’t really pushing for it. I wanted to be engaged and get married, but I did NOT want to turn all crazy and thinking every single date that tonight was “the night.” I also knew saving for a ring was going to be tough and I didn’t want to put any more pressure on him.

But, at the end of the summer, Geoff asked me to take off a certain day from work. He wouldn’t tell me what was going to happen or where we were going–no details at all! I started thinking in the back of my mind….could this be it?? So the weeks passed and I bugged him for more information (I’m totally the most annoying person in the world if I know someone has a surprise for me) and tried unsuccessfully to be patient. Finally, finally, finally, it was the night before the unknown event. He called and told me to wear tennis shoes and shorts, be ready super early in the morning, and that was all. I am pretty sure I barely slept! I still wasn’t getting SUPER hopeful though, and wanted to be able to enjoy the day no matter what.

The next morning, we started on our way in the car. Geoff, fully aware of how irritating I would be otherwise, had decided early on in the drive to tell me where we were going: Bushkill Falls, PA. It is this GORGEOUS park with lots of huge waterfalls (they call it the Niagra Falls of Pennsylvania.) We ate a picnic lunch, hiked a few miles and marveled at the beauty, just had the most amazing day. We laughed and joked and talked about everything under the sun–except marriage. I still sort of wondered if it was coming, I mean, come on. Proposing under a waterfall?? It’s perfect! But, nope. After that he took me into the city for a yummy dinner before we drove the few miles back home. Once there, he dropped me off with a kiss and an “I love you” and that was it. I wasn’t crazy disappointed, but I did think, “Well, if it wasn’t today, I guess it’s going to be awhile. Otherwise he would have definitely done it there!” I mostly was just feeling thankful that I had such a great boyfriend that he planned that big great trip for no reason!

On our hike 🙂

A few days later, I had been having a super frustrating day at work. I’d texted him on my break some of my complaints, and a few hours later when I went to leave, he was waiting for me with a huge bouquet of gerber daisies–my most favorite flower in the world. Again, I was thinking, “Man, my boyfriend is AWESOME!”

A few days after that, we were having a casual conversation and I had mentioned what a bummer it was that I had all these cute summer skirts and dresses I was fitting into again after some weight loss, but I never had anyplace to wear them. He said, “Oh, yeah, we should do a nice dinner or something sometime.” And then the next day he said, “Hey, tomorrow after work let’s do that dinner. You can wear something nice.” I was so excited–and this also happened to fall on my last day of working at my previous job, and I was SO excited to be leaving! It was going to be a great day.

When I got to work though, I was highly unmotivated. It was my last day, I was excited to see Geoff, and it was soooo. slow. So, when it came time for my lunch break, they told me I could just go home at 12 instead of 4. Hooray, I thought, now I can see Geoff sooner! I sent him a text to tell him I was on my way over, to which he responded “No. You can’t. I have errands.”

Um, errands? Seriously? In the time I’d known him, and in the time I’ve known him since, I’ve never heard him utter the phrase, “I have errands.” I called to get more information, but he was mildly testy. “I just have some stuff to do, ok? You just can’t come over until the time you said you were coming.” This was super weird coming from my laid back guy, but I just went with it and killed some time before I went over. I finally got there, and his car wasn’t even there. I went inside where his mom handed me a note. There was a poem that basically told me to go upstairs and get ready and then wait. And also had a ps. telling me not to bother asking his mom for details, haha! He knows me so well. When I got upstairs, there was another note I was instructed to open after I got ready. So I showered, put on my dress, and opened the second note, which left clues to my grandmother’s house.

My grandmother’s house is on the water and her pier is one of my most favorite places on the entire planet. My childhood memories and so many special times are at that house. Sooo any normal person would be thinking at this time, “Oh, it must be a proposal!” BUT, he’d already done so many great things recently, I thought this was just another one of them! So, got in my car, drove to meet him, and when I parked there was another note that told me to follow the trail….and I saw a pathway of gerber daisies down to the pier where he had lit candles and was waiting for me.

The pier

I STILL just thought it was another nice thing he was doing, and I rambled on a bit about how cute he was, how my day was, etc. He seemed a little weird and not talking much, soooo I just overcompensated and talked more. I finally stood up and was like, “Ok! Well, let’s go to dinner!” At that point he took my hands and told me to wait, and it finally clicked. He got down on his knee, said a bunch of stuff that for the life of me I can’t remember because I was so excited, and then pulled out the ring! It was so cute because when I said yes and we kissed, there were a bunch of neighbors outside waiting and they started clapping and cheering.

This was about 2 minutes after he proposed!


Over dinner, I explained why I didn’t think he was proposing because he’d done so many things in the prior weeks. He got a huge, proud grin on his face and said, “YES! MY DECOYS WORKED!!” Haha, he figured I’d suspect something, so he was doing everything he could to throw me off. Smart guy 🙂