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2012: Fail. Family Photo: Success!


So. Have ┬ámentioned I’m not good at resolutions? Oh, yeah, and I’m also not good at blogging. So this is a winner of a combo I’ve got going on here. Week 1, success. Week 2, not so much. This is not good news, people. Not good. However, I’m going to post 3 times this week, it’s going to all even out, I’m going to be extra awesome from now on, and we’ll all forget about this little Week 2 hiccup. k?

So, our family had a little milestone last month.

The day that Piper came home from the birth center, we got our first family portrait taken. It looked like this:

Yes--both Geoff and I were a lot fatter this time last year. And no, Sam isn't exactly looking at the camera. And yes, Piper's face is beet red because she screamed bloody murder the whole way home.

I was mildly bummed. I mean, I have photographer friends. I wanted one of those magical pictures that made Piper look not like an alien, and made Sam look like a Baby Gap model, and made me look like somehow I hadn’t just pushed a baby out of me. But alas, this is what we got. And ┬áthis was literally 7 hours after her birth, so I was in no position to ask for a redo. Not to worry–it’d be easier later.

Parents of more than one child–please feel free to insert a snicker here. It doesn’t get easier. Throughout the year we tried a few more times. Take this gem, for example:

Cute, eh? This was the best attempt of several...

Fourth of July, we all dressed up in our adorably festive clothes. This was going to be IT. The day the cutest of our family was forever cemented.

Ohh look how cute my kids are! No wait, you can't see them...

I started to just give up a little bit. And then last month, we had Sammy’s birthday party. Somewhere in the midst of the chaos, this beauty appeared. And so I bring you the first Ward Family Photo where everyone is looking!