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Wedding Flashbacks


Soooo since I’ve shared how we met, started dating, and got engaged, I figured I’d share a little bit of our wedding. Our engagement was the most stressful year of my life–and as a note to any unmarrieds that may be reading this, I HIGHLY recommend a short engagement. I’m not super organized, I’m not great at making decisions, and I was super uptight about cost. The combination of these things led to many emotional and long days…but they all came together into one of the most beautiful, special, wonderful days of my life. I’ll just share a few pictures and stories…

I love this picture! This was our rehersal, obviously the part where Geoff would kiss his bride. However, the month before our wedding Geoff and I had agreed not to kiss at all (yeah, we totally stole it from Monica and Chandler on Friends…except they were abstaining from a lil’ bit more!) Let me tell ya, long month…and we were determined not to break it even on the night before! So this was our little “fake” kiss.

Also from our rehersal dinner, this shot captures much of our relationship’s personality. We’re generally being silly, and I’m generally being fiesty. It’s how we roll.

These here are the studs that were Geoff’s groomsman. Two of them are friends from high school (his best man was the friend whose house we re-met at!!) and two are friends he had met later in life. These guys were so much fun to have around in all the wedding prep, and looked pretty good in the crazy colored ties I made them wear, haha! I am such a color fanatic–I found their ties online and each guy coordinated with one of the bridesmaids, as you’ll see later.

ย This is me and my bridal party. I had my 3 younger sisters, my 2 sister in laws, a friend I had met at work, and my maid of honor was my college roommate. Love, love, love these girls and they made my day so happy! And they wore crazy flip flops, did the crazy chicken dance, listened to me freak out, and especially my college roomie listened to many an emotional breakdown along the way! I love the way the colors turned out–each girl walked down the aisle with a guy in coordinating colors, and I love the way it all looked.

Here are two of my favorite wedding details–first, flip flops!! I LOVE flip flops, I love bows, and I love polka dots. I was thrilled that my bridesmaids agreed to indulge my color obsession. I also loved my flowers; each girl had a different color bouquet that also coordinated with their shoes (and the tie of the guy they walked with!) and it was all just so flippin’ fun!

Me & the Groom. Such a happy day ๐Ÿ™‚ More to come!


A Proposal Story


Our dating time was a whirlwind–we fell hard, and we fell fast! It was maybe a few months before we started talking marriage, and even though we started dating in February, it only took until late spring for us to know that this was it. So during the summer, I knew that a proposal could happen, but I also wasn’t really pushing for it. I wanted to be engaged and get married, but I did NOT want to turn all crazy and thinking every single date that tonight was “the night.” I also knew saving for a ring was going to be tough and I didn’t want to put any more pressure on him.

But, at the end of the summer, Geoff asked me to take off a certain day from work. He wouldn’t tell me what was going to happen or where we were going–no details at all! I started thinking in the back of my mind….could this be it?? So the weeks passed and I bugged him for more information (I’m totally the most annoying person in the world if I know someone has a surprise for me) and tried unsuccessfully to be patient. Finally, finally, finally, it was the night before the unknown event. He called and told me to wear tennis shoes and shorts, be ready super early in the morning, and that was all. I am pretty sure I barely slept! I still wasn’t getting SUPER hopeful though, and wanted to be able to enjoy the day no matter what.

The next morning, we started on our way in the car. Geoff, fully aware of how irritating I would be otherwise, had decided early on in the drive to tell me where we were going: Bushkill Falls, PA. It is this GORGEOUS park with lots of huge waterfalls (they call it the Niagra Falls of Pennsylvania.) We ate a picnic lunch, hiked a few miles and marveled at the beauty, just had the most amazing day. We laughed and joked and talked about everything under the sun–except marriage. I still sort of wondered if it was coming, I mean, come on. Proposing under a waterfall?? It’s perfect! But, nope. After that he took me into the city for a yummy dinner before we drove the few miles back home. Once there, he dropped me off with a kiss and an “I love you” and that was it. I wasn’t crazy disappointed, but I did think, “Well, if it wasn’t today, I guess it’s going to be awhile. Otherwise he would have definitely done it there!” I mostly was just feeling thankful that I had such a great boyfriend that he planned that big great trip for no reason!

On our hike ๐Ÿ™‚

A few days later, I had been having a super frustrating day at work. I’d texted him on my break some of my complaints, and a few hours later when I went to leave, he was waiting for me with a huge bouquet of gerber daisies–my most favorite flower in the world. Again, I was thinking, “Man, my boyfriend is AWESOME!”

A few days after that, we were having a casual conversation and I had mentioned what a bummer it was that I had all these cute summer skirts and dresses I was fitting into again after some weight loss, but I never had anyplace to wear them. He said, “Oh, yeah, we should do a nice dinner or something sometime.” And then the next day he said, “Hey, tomorrow after work let’s do that dinner. You can wear something nice.” I was so excited–and this also happened to fall on my last day of working at my previous job, and I was SO excited to be leaving! It was going to be a great day.

When I got to work though, I was highly unmotivated. It was my last day, I was excited to see Geoff, and it was soooo. slow. So, when it came time for my lunch break, they told me I could just go home at 12 instead of 4. Hooray, I thought, now I can see Geoff sooner! I sent him a text to tell him I was on my way over, to which he responded “No. You can’t. I have errands.”

Um, errands? Seriously? In the time I’d known him, and in the time I’ve known him since, I’ve never heard him utter the phrase, “I have errands.” I called to get more information, but he was mildly testy. “I just have some stuff to do, ok? You just can’t come over until the time you said you were coming.” This was super weird coming from my laid back guy, but I just went with it and killed some time before I went over. I finally got there, and his car wasn’t even there. I went inside where his mom handed me a note. There was a poem that basically told me to go upstairs and get ready and then wait. And also had a ps. telling me not to bother asking his mom for details, haha! He knows me so well. When I got upstairs, there was another note I was instructed to open after I got ready. So I showered, put on my dress, and opened the second note, which left clues to my grandmother’s house.

My grandmother’s house is on the water and her pier is one of my most favorite places on the entire planet. My childhood memories and so many special times are at that house. Sooo any normal person would be thinking at this time, “Oh, it must be a proposal!” BUT, he’d already done so many great things recently, I thought this was just another one of them! So, got in my car, drove to meet him, and when I parked there was another note that told me to follow the trail….and I saw a pathway of gerber daisies down to the pier where he had lit candles and was waiting for me.

The pier

I STILL just thought it was another nice thing he was doing, and I rambled on a bit about how cute he was, how my day was, etc. He seemed a little weird and not talking much, soooo I just overcompensated and talked more. I finally stood up and was like, “Ok! Well, let’s go to dinner!” At that point he took my hands and told me to wait, and it finally clicked. He got down on his knee, said a bunch of stuff that for the life of me I can’t remember because I was so excited, and then pulled out the ring! It was so cute because when I said yes and we kissed, there were a bunch of neighbors outside waiting and they started clapping and cheering.

This was about 2 minutes after he proposed!


Over dinner, I explained why I didn’t think he was proposing because he’d done so many things in the prior weeks. He got a huge, proud grin on his face and said, “YES! MY DECOYS WORKED!!” Haha, he figured I’d suspect something, so he was doing everything he could to throw me off. Smart guy ๐Ÿ™‚

A coffee shop romance…ish.


Sooo. I mentioned in my last post that when I left the night I re-met my husband, he asked for my number. However, if you’re thinking this is going to read like a love at first (second?) sight story, you are mistaken! We had some really amazing conversations that night as a group of people who had drastically changed from those we had been in high school. As the night and the hours passed, we delved into politics, faith and religion, right and wrong, absolutes and relative truths. We argued, laughed and discussed until early in the morning, and as we were leaving, there were several number exchanges that went on, with promises of “definitely keeping in better touch from now on.” So I left with no inkling of how my life would be dramatically changed from then on.

I went along my merry little way, and a few nights later I was closing at work (I was the Assistant Manager of Starbucks at that point) and I got a text from him asking if I was working, and if he could come and visit. I said sure, and when he came he explained that he had been on a quest to start liking coffee and figured of all the people he knew, I might be able to help.

When I tell this story, it ALWAYS makes me laugh, because it totally sounds like a pickup line!! The hilarious part is that at this point, he wasn’t interested in me romantically at all, seriously. He was coming out of a phase in life where he’d been partying a lot and looking to make some changes–one of his goals in becoming an “adult” was developing a taste for coffee and since he was avoiding a lot of his old ways, it left him with a lot of spare evenings–and a lot of boredom.

Enter coffee house girl ๐Ÿ™‚

We ended up hanging out afterwards with another friend from high school, and continued some other hang outs in the weeks to come. We had a few movie nights, a karaokee night, a few more cups of coffee. As we began to hang out more, we made it very clear to each other that we were NOT going to get serious. He was adamant about not getting married before he turned 25 (he was 22 at the time) and I was equally as adamant about not getting married EVER (haha, did I mention I was coming out of a bitter phase of life??) so we knew that for sure this was not going to turn into anything….

Doesn’t God just love surprises??

Introducing Geoff to the Donut Shack early on. A rite of passage ๐Ÿ™‚


a tie dye cast and new beginnings


So, in about 2 weeks, I get to celebrate 3 years of happy times with my sweet husband. In the next couple of weeks I’m going to try to get together a few posts about my hubby and the years we’ve shared together so far. Let’s start off with a little story…

this is our first post-re-meeting photo together ๐Ÿ™‚

The summer between 7th and 8th grade, I went to a camp called Victory Jam. I was super excited on my first day out at the beach with my friends. I was wading out a bit, and there were of course some waves, and I was just hanging out. Since it was a beach in New Jersey, not to mention I was with a billion other middle schoolers, the beach was crowded. So crowded in fact, that when a big ol’ wave came through, it knocked down the 6’3 guy in front of me…who in turn knocked me down…and as I landed on the bottom of the ocean floor, my wrist broke. Totally a whole bunch of little things that came together in one catastrophic and unfortunate second of total randomness…but that randomness nonetheless landed me in the hospital, getting a cast, and leaving a tearful message for my mom crying “THAT BIG MAN FELL ON ME AND BROKE ME!”

What does this story have to do with anything? Well, that day is my earliest memory of that “big man” that I now call my husband ๐Ÿ™‚

We went through middle school and high school together, and while we traveled in some similar circles, we didn’t ever spend a lot of time together or become close friends. What I mostly remember is him always being behind the counter of the Chick-Fil-A at our local mall; maybe a few lunches here and there; a few retreats and conferences where we spoke in passing. He wasn’t one of the people I kept in touch with when we went away to school, and was certainly not on my radar AT ALL of someone I could potentially marry.

Flash forward. I was out of college, had been through a series of faith-testing trials, and had basically decided that I was soooo “over” high school. I kept in touch with a few people, but was mostly convinced that I couldn’t possibly have anything in common with people I grew up with, you know, since I’d done so much growing up in all the many, many (3.5, to be exact) years since graduation. I had a friend who was studying in London though, so when he wanted to hang out, I figured maybe it would be safe enough to go listen to his stories from abroad and have a little fun. He called me that day though, and let me know he had decided to invite just a few other people from high school. I immediately went and called basically the only girl I had kept in touch with from high school and said, “Here’s what’s going on. You must come with me.” She agreed, picked me up, and the entireย way there I tried to get her to go somewhere else. “You know this won’t be fun. It’s dumb high school people.” 10 seconds later, “Are you hungry? Let’s go to the food court!” 10 seconds later, “Want to go see a movie? Chick flick? Action? Adventure? Your choice!” She kept driving and eventually we arrived. I am quite sure I greeted my now-husband with something wonderful and charming, like, “So, uh, you still work at ย Chick-Fil-A?” I am also sure that I wore my cutest clothes since I was SO excited about the night, and I definitely was looking hot. And not wearing old wrinkly clothes. And I definitely had washed my hair sometime in the last 3 days. Or maybe not.

Ended up being an awesomely fun night, and while I didn’t know it then, one of the most significant moments of my entire life. As we left that night and he asked for my number, I still didn’t know where this journey was going to lead me. All I knew at that point was that God was leading me back to a little bit of who I was, and beginning to break away some of the bitterness that had come to define me.

Who knew it would all start with a tye-tied cast??



So, can’t bring myself to form all my thoughts into one coherent post, so here’s a big ol’ pile of randomness!

–Totally crushing on one of theseย after one of my favorite blogs did a post about them this week. Unfortunately, the price tag is higher than I can dream of right now, plus I don’t live in a place where it would be a practical substitution for transportation. I’d love, love, love to live in a small town and take my kiddos around places in it. Totally dreaming about doing it someday!

–Brand new Starbucks opened up near my house on Friday. It’s huge and beautiful and I am so so proud of all my friends who worked so hard to make it all come together. So far I’ve been in every day since it’s opened, and one day I went in twice. I have a serious problem.

–My hubby got the kids ready and took them to church without me today! I was so proud of him. AND Sam lasted the whole service in the nursery without freaking out. Really proud of him, too.

–The world didn’t end. I, along with most everyone I know, cracked a lot of jokes, etc, about the idea. But, it also made me think about how I’m living my life. I didn’t really think the world was going to end. But, the end is coming!!

–Went yard sale-ing on Saturday with my mom and my dear friend. Found lots of great deals (Crocs for baby PJ, a Thomas the Tank Engine tent for Sam, Mr and Mrs Potato head for both the kids to have in a few years…) and had a blast! Wishing I didn’t work so many weekends so I could get out there and get my deals on more often!

–Desperately wanting to learn how to sew better. I’ve been thinking about it all. the. time. I really need to buckle down and learn some skills; hopefully some classes this summer will make me better able to try some things on my own!

–Sam is hilarious lately. Some of his latest words: Meow, Quack, Stuck, Step, Weeeee (when going down a slide), Costco, Up, and, totally winning me the mother-of-the-year award, my sweet baby boy can say “Oh crap!” Sigh. Whoops on that one…

–I keep a big bag of dark chocolate M&Ms in my freezer, and I eat them every night after dinner. It makes me so super happy.

What’s on your mind this week??

The One With All the Dads


Today was Geoff’s first official Father’s Day, and it was pretty exciting. He did a great job (along with the rest of our family!!) of making me feel loved and special and appreciated on Mother’s Day, so I was so excited to do the same for him today. I actually got so excited that even though I had planned on letting him sleep until whenever he woke up (a rare treat in a house with a 6 month old, as I’m sure most of you know!) but at 830a, I couldn’t contain myself anymore. I ran into our room like a little kid and jumped on the bed yelling “It’s father’s day! Get up! Get up! You have to get up!!” I was partly excited because I had warm cinnamon rolls waiting for him along with a big glass of orange juice (two things we NEVER buy but that he loves) and I was partly excited to make him go outside and see his amazing and beautiful new Weber grill. We’ve been using a small camping grill since we got married and while it got the job done at our apartment, it wasn’t cutting it anymore. We love grilling and it makes it way easier for us to eat healthy so I’m very excited about getting to use it! And Geoff was thrilled because anytime I ever ask him what he wants for a gift, he says “If it’s a gift for a man, it should turn on. That’s all I’m saying.” Usually what he ends up with is cologne because I can’t think of anything else so I was happy to have a gift he approved as a “Man’s gift.” haha

Watching Geoff love our baby has made me fall more in love with him than ever. Going back to our first pregnancy, I remember what a great support for me he was because I talked to so many women who said their husbands didn’t quite understand or feel their loss as much. I remember being really thankful that even in the early week that we lost our baby, Geoff had already loved that little one. I loved his excitement when we found out we were pregnant again and listening to him talk to my belly when Sam was in there. And now that Sam is here, I love watching Geoff make him laugh and listening to their little conversations. Geoff loves to tell Sam how much we love him and tell him all the things they’re going to do together when he gets older. It’s really precious to see and makes me so thankful and eager for the future.

To all the dads in my life and in the life of my friends and of my friends kids–Thank you! Being a parent is challenging as I think all of us who are parents know, and I think men especially have the extra burden of loving their children, but also loving their high maintenance (at least in our house….) wives and leading the home. I’m thankful for the father that he is and I can’t wait until Sam and Baby#2 get to know him more!

The One With Breakfast for Dinner


Sooo, Toy Story 3 comes out on Friday. I couldn’t possibly be more excited. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Pixar movies, and I’m a huge Toy Story fan. I’ve seen the first 2 about a billion times each. And the fact that it’s taken them over 10 years to come out with a third leads me to believe it’s going to be fantastic. I believe my hubby and I are going to make a date of it and go see it opening night!

Life’s been just exhausting lately. It’s probably a combo of 1st trimester ickiness, having a 6 month old, getting up at 4am for work…you know, all that fun stuff. I also am not a huge fan of not seeing Geoff all the time. Prolly selfish and dumb, since lots of people don’t get to see their husbands a lot, but right now Geoff and I are working opposite shifts about 3 days a week, so it’s weird to balance life. Both of us are terrible housekeepers, but when we’re home together we don’t mind pitching in and working as a team to get things done. When we’re home on our own…quite another story. You’d be appalled if you came into my house right now. But Geoff’s at work, so instead of cleaning it, I’m blogging instead. I will tell you, though, the one positive thing about him being gone at dinnertime–Geoff doesn’t like breakfast for dinner (I know. It’s pretty much his biggest flaw.) How does someone not like breakfast for dinner??? I have no idea. So when he is gone, I nearly always make myself something delicious and breakfasty! Tonight was eggs and english muffin. Happiness ๐Ÿ™‚

In other news, Geoff’s looking for a new job right now. With the new baby coming, we really need to add a little extra income and he is ready to start looking for a long-term job. He had an interview last week that we are still waiting to hear about, so we are prayerfully hoping that this one works out, and that if not, we find something even better.

Also, my baby boy slept over 12 hours last night. Happy sigh. And now it’s bedtime for me!