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So. I’m going to Tennessee in December to run in a half marathon at St. Jude Hospital in Memphis.

Pause. Deep breath. Am I crazy? Perhaps. Or, perhaps not. Let’s go back to the very beginning….

I still remember the first blog I read. A friend of mine from high school had found out some devastating news about the baby boy she was carrying, and her blog address got passed around to most people that knew her from my small school. I read along and followed the journey of her pregnancy, the birth, and her son’s few yet impactful months on earth. From there, I learned of another family’s blog and followed along on a journey of a lung transplant and micro-preemie baby. From, there, it just went on and on….the world of blogs is vast and I’m pretty sure it has no limits. There are craft blogs, political blogs, medical blogs, mom blogs…you name it, there’s a blog about it. Having been quite the Xanga (come on, you know you remember Xanga…) fan back in college, I decided to hop on the bandwagon, and though I’ve never been the most faithful blogger, I have always been a faithful, if quiet, reader of my favorite bloggers. I never really found a niche of blogs, though, I just sort of dabbled around in the popular ones other people posted on Facebook or told me about. Then, I had kids, bought a home, and starting really living life, and I found some of my favorite blogs–blogs that have inspired me, encouraged me, and made me realize how beautiful life can be. I have found blogs that remind me of the grace of God in the midst of tragedy, and remind me of his love even in the little things of daily life. While many blogs are on this list, one of the ones that has been at the top of my list for a long time is Finding My Feet, a blog by a wife and mom named Raechel. I’ve been a silent reader for nearly the entire time, until VERY recently, when I realized that maybe it was weird that I read every blog post she wrote, and she had no idea I even existed 🙂 So I sent over a little tweet (that entire sentence makes me giggle. Twitter is SO weird.) I patted myself on the back for being brave, and went on my merry little way. Then, Raechel said she had an announcement for her readers.

Enter this post.

Now, most people who know me know that I’ve been saying for YEARS that I want to run a marathon. It’s just one of those things on my bucket list that I really want to accomplish. I’ve only ever run in a 5k though, and haven’t run consistently since before the kiddos came along. But a half marathon? In Decemeber? That could totally be doable. And just might provide the motivation to train. AND, I could actually MEET a person who, in a super weird way, is like a friend. Not to mention help an amazing cause and get to be part of something bigger than myself.

Me and Geoff after our 5k, pre-wedding. Forever ago, it seems!

The blog world is so crazy. To think that we *know* people because of a few snapshots of their lives; to spend time in a world so far removed from our own without ever making our presence known…but it’s also so beautiful. A community of people that come together with things in common–whether they be crafts, or kids, or loss, or death, or pregnancy, or recipes, or faith. And I am thrilled beyond belief to be part of this world, and to be stepping out and making this world a little more real. So, maybe I am crazy. But I told you guys, I am on a quest to find the beauty in life, and something tells me this is going to be a beautiful adventure. I can’t wait to see how this unfolds, and what I learn while I’m training. I am anticipating some hard days of tiredness, time management and discipline struggles, and wanting to throw the towel in on this crazy scheme. But I am also anticipating accomplishing a life goal of mine, learning discipline, and getting to meet some amazing people.

So, crazy? Sure. But what’s life if not for a little craziness sometimes? 🙂