My husband Geoff and I went to school together from 7th grade til we graduated. If you don’t count a small misadventure in which he broke my wrist when we were 12 (good story. one he loves to tell) we weren’t close friends and DEFINITELY never considered dating each other. A few years after graduation though, we re-met at our friend Luke’s house, and after a night of chatting, he asked for my number. His initial intention wasn’t to ask me out, but more just to get to know a new friend. As the weeks went by, and despite our constant exchange of “Hey, this is NOT going to get serious,” we realized that indeed we had fallen for each other. 6 months later we were engaged and in July 2008 we got married–and life has only gotten happier from there. About 8 months into our marriage, we got pregnant and though a little surprised, we were excited! When we lost that baby after a few weeks, it was devastating, and we knew for sure that we were ready to try again–and a few weeks later, we were surprised again by another positive test! Our son Sam was born in December 2009 and gave us quite a scare by being a 5 week preemie and needing lots of extra care. The first few months of his life were wonderful but exhausting, so we were both shocked (again!) when he was 3 months old and we realized he was going to be a big brother. I was so overwhelmed and thought, “Surely it must be another boy, since we’re already taking care of a boy and have all this stuff!” Surprise again! On January 3rd, we welcomed to the world the sweetest little baby girl, Piper Joy. She has blessed us by her sweet and laid back nature, and her big brother has stepped up beautifully into his new role. And although at times we are overwhelmed, we feel tremendously blessed to have this life.


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  1. ” when he was 3 months old and we realized he was going to be a big brother.” it’s overwhelming just to read that. what a crazy 3 years it’s been!!

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