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Our {belated} Sesame Adventure!


Sooo, I started writing this post the day we got home…a month ago. But, I still wanted to get it up to save the memories!

We spent the past few days at Sesame Place–our first vacation with the kids! Their first hotel experience and first amusement park adventure. As with any activity I plan for the kids, I have to spend the days (or in this case, weeks!) leading up to the excursion tempering my excitement with realistic expectations. Since Sam has been born, I’ve gone into things day dreaming about the fun we’d have, how excited he’d be, how perfect everything would go. This is starting to work a little better, but doesn’t work as well when you’re taking a 4 month old to see a firetruck (Note: he won’t care.) So this time, I was trying to keep things in mind like, my kids have never slept in a hotel. This could go very badly. My kids really, really, desperately need nighttime sleep AND naps to be functioning, human people so I knew at some point each day they would NEED to sleep. Neither of them is the best eater where fast food is concerned (not for lack of trying. It’s not because we’re above fast food, it’s really because I just can’t get them to eat it no matter what. This includes Chick.Fila, which is leading to some serious questions about whether or not they are indeed our spawn.) So I knew that for as much magic as these days could hold, it was a calculated risk that we could also end up with some very sad, hot, tired, hungry, grumpy kids.

It was wise to be realistic about these days. Because indeed it was hot, and there were lines, and the kids got hungry, and booooy oh boy did they get tired. But what I’ll remember from these days is pure magic.

The kids LOVED it. Sammy especially was crazy about the rides, even the tower-of-doom style Elmo ride that went up and down and made our tummies flip! He did the giant swings, the teacups, the spinning bug…you name it, he rode it, he laughed on it, and he yelled, “Again! Again! Again!” He loved the nets and climbing up the jungle gyms, and he loved the slides. He also loved the huge water slide that we all got to go down together. Piper was a trooper and put up with all of our ride riding and Sammy chasing like a champ. She was happiest in the tidal wave pool, where she happily splashed and giggled and soaked up some sweet daddy time.

The most magical part? Seeing the characters in real life. Hearing them squeal, “Cookie!!!” as CookieMonster walked by, seeing Abby CaDabby lean in to give my baby girl a kiss while she giggled. But the real joy of the trip was the parade. We lined up and got the kids ready to see all their Sesame Street favorites. The music started and I looked ahead and there was Big Bird–I took one look at Sam’s face when he saw him, and kid you not, I started to cry. I am 27 years old, and Big Bird made me bawl. My heart felt like it was just going to burst from happiness and from how blessed we are to be able to show things like this to our kids. I just kept thinking how many kids in the world want for so many things, and my kids are just getting to experience so much. It is my prayer that I’m raising them to appreciate these blessings as gifts, and not take a moment for granted.

It’s taken a few days to recover (we’re still recovering) and we have a big dent in our savings account, but it was worth every single bit of it. There is nothing that compares to seeing my kids so happy and being ablue to share such sweet family time. And the best news?? It rained on our second day, so we got Sunny Day passes to come back again for FREE!! Sunnay days, indeed!


Ten Things about Triple Digits


So, we headed South this weekend! We=me, my husband, and my bloggy-buddy-turned-BFF, Ashley & her husband Ryan. We had wanted to take a trip together, and decided to meet in a new city for all of us–Nashville! Ashley and I had seen a little bit of Nashville when we went to Tennessee to run our half marathon (yes, I do try to work that tidbit of info into every conversation possible. I try to make it all nonchalant, as if running 13 miles wasn’t that big of a deal. It makes me look more awesome. Unfortunately, I’m usually surrounded by someone who then says, “oh yeah! I ran a full.” They always win, and then I look less awesome.) Things that should be noted from our trip:

1) Nashville is hot: triple digits hot. Record breaking hot. Can’t-hardly-breathe-outside hot. I wasn’t the pregnant one of the bunch (though my frequent request for bathroom breaks led some to believe otherwise, *ahem….) and I still felt it. ¬†We spent a lot of our day trying to duck into air conditioned places and drinking iced Sbux drinks like it was our job (ha. get it? Like it was my job? I got jokes.)


2) I actually do possess the ability to wear stylish clothes. This ability only presents itself when someone else packs me clothes & accessories and comes to the store with me, watches me try on clothes, and then tells me what to buy. Otherwise, I wear jean shorts and tank tops and call it my “nice clothes.” Both of these things happened this weekend. (See above picture for clothes that are not mine. My exact words were “Where exactly does this belt even go?”)

3) Monopoly Deal is my favorite game of all time. It’s more difficult to play when it’s late at night, 6 hours past my usual bedtime, and I may or may not have been dominated. I also may or may not have learned that coke mixed with amaretto tastes exactly like Dr. Pepper, with the added bonus of making me giggly. Win win.


4) I like bacon. I like bacon sundaes. They are yummy and salty-sweet and you should stop judging me and take yourself to Burger King. If you can’t get there, might I interest you in a bacon bandaid? (True story. Huge candy store in Nashville, some of the weirdest stuff I’ve ever seen.)

















5) My ¬†husband got skinny. Have I mentioned that? He’s lost 83 pounds and I’m SO proud of him! We bought him some fancy pants new clothes and he looked so dapper on our journey.

Also, he likes me, and I like him.

6) Raechel is as sweet and kind and delightful as you’d expect from her blog. Additionally, she says adorable things like, “These fajitas are ministering to my soul” that make me love her even more than I thought I did and she is one of the funniest people in the world. There is a whole lot of Rachel packed into a teeny tiny person, and I’m thrilled to know her in real life (even if sometimes I still call her “Raechel Meyers dot com.”)

Hanging in Frank-town, which apparently shut down for a our visit. Sadness that we never saw the shops!

7) Embassy Suites likes to have animals in their lobby area. This was lovely in Memphis when it was ducks. In Nashville, it was birds. Loud, chirping, wake-up-at-6am birds and I would really like to know whose idea that was. Because it’s not a good one. Fail.

8) I don’t like grits. Even if they are creamy dreamy, and come from places with flying biscuits. I do love grilled mac & cheese, and I DEFINITELY love Keight, who shared both her time and her kids with us while we stayed in Atlanta a bit visiting Geoff’s sister. Keight is real, and hilarious, and I got to know allllll sorts of new things about her. And by that, I mean see all sorts of things about her. The end.

9) I want to move south. I mostly want to move south into a house that is affordable and nice and have a golf cart to drive around everywhere. No joke–Geoff’s sister lives right next to a town that has golf cart trails EVERYWHERE. That is my new dream.

10) I love, love, love my sweet friend. She is lovely and funny and she listens when I whine and pushed through the heat even though she was incubating life, and we had the best time. She helped me shop and we ate tons of food and talked each other’s ears off and I’m so super thankful. I can’t believe next time I see her, she’s going to have a little baby!! I’m constantly amazed at how awesome God is to give us friendships in ways we wouldn’t have expected.

So, this week: settling in, celebrating the 4th, some meeting-ish things, and trying to keep cool. How bout everyone