So, generally speaking, I’m different than most people. I think about things differently, I handle things differently, I’m just kind of a weirdo. Sometimes this is because I’m just weird, sometimes it’s because I’m probably just more sinful than a lot of other people. (Most people, even.)

A little over a month ago, a whirlwind came through Twitter and I watched as hundreds of women joined together to do a massive “group devotion” together. What started as 2, and then 4 girls, turned into HUNDREDS of people who were following the same devotional plan, posting pictures of their notes, tweeting, emailing, facebooking and sharing this journey. This is great, right?

Sure. Unless you’re me, because I have to first be all cynical and sarcastic and negative about it first. So, I watched and I  got annoyed and I got uncomfortable. And I thought, “Look at all these girls, posting all these pictures of their perfectly manicured nails and pretty journals and pretty backyards and pretty pools and pretty decks. Look at them bragging about how good of Christians they are and how pretty they can make their notes.” And I thought, “I’m certainly not doing that. That’s just a bunch of girls wanting to jump on the latest bandwagon and be “cool” like all the big time bloggers, and I’m not falling into that trap.” (In addition to being cynical, sarcastic, and negative, I’m also judgey. Do you want to be my friend yet?)

So, I was better than #shereadstruth. But, I wasn’t actually doing devotions or getting into the word. I told myself I was going to do it, on my own, and of course I was going to do it better because I wasn’t going to be all caught up in appearances like all these other girls. I had another friend who shared similar concerns and feelings, so we decided we’d do something together. us:1, #shereadstruth: 0. There were only a few problems.

Problem 1: One of the founders of #shereadstruth is someone that I love, and ISN’T conceited, and ISN’T fake, and isn’t all the things I was wanting to think about all the participants. I had to deal with the fact that maybe, just maybe, it was possible that all of these girls were genuine–because if she is, why can’t they all be? Maybe they don’t set up perfect pictures before they post their notes on insta.gram, maybe they just *actually* have nice handwriting. Maybe the reason I think all of them care so much about what everyone else thinks is because I care so much about what everyone thinks.

Problem 2: God likes to work in ways we don’t expect.

Problem 3: It actually looked cool. The community they were building, the growth they were experiencing…it all started to look a little intriguing. But, I’m also stubborn (seriously? How do I have any friends, and more importantly, how did I get someone to marry me???) so once I committed to not liking it, I couldn’t possibly admit I was wrong. That would just be silly.

Then I was chatting with my friend one day, and we were discussing the growth of the #shereadstruth website, and as we were talking, we realized that God was doing something in both of our hearts–that he was making us wonder if maybe THEY weren’t the problem, maybe WE were the problem. And maybe we were missing out on something great He could do in us, simply because we were being stubborn. So we agreed to start the same plan as they were–Soul Detox. 35 days of figuring out what are the toxins in our lives and in our hearts–what they are, how they play out in our lives, why they are so hard to get rid of, how to get rid of them. Being that I’m negative, and stubborn, and selfish, and judgey, you probably already realize that this is right up my sinful little ally. And it was. God started working in my heart, and still is. I’m only halfway through the plan, and I never tweeted anything about it or wrote on the site, though I have faithfully read it, because I was too prideful to do it.

But, let me just say…I was wrong. And it. is. awesome. I really am thankful for this. I am thankful that God chose to work in me in a way I didn’t want him to, but that I needed him to. I am thankful for a community of women rising up together, committing to make a change. I am thankful for the motivation to make spending time with Him a priority. He is moving in this. He is. I have seen it and I have felt it, and tomorrow when they start the new plan, I’m going to be an active part of it. I have to think that there might be others out there who felt similarly or felt weird about jumping in–tomorrow is a super time to start. What a chance we have to take the social media world and use it for good! I am quite certain that if MY heart can be touched by this, anyone’s can.

To find out more, check out http://shereadstruth.com/ or on Twitter, @shereadstruth

This time? We’re doing it together 🙂


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    • I think Twitter is so fun, but it is it’s own weird little world. Even if you decide you still don’t like Twitter though, just using the website is great–such a super amazing way to be encouraged and get in the word–would love to know if you decide to do it too!!

  1. Thank you for this and thank you to raechel for tweeting the link to it. This was me, correction… Is me. Looking forward to starting tomorrow though and praying God will take my cynical judgey insecurities and make them something good.

    • I can’t wait to see both of you!!! 🙂

      Thanks again, A-dub for sharing your heart. I love that you and A-K have both been really honest about your hesitations and so on. I’m grateful for sisters who keep me in check, too!

      He is a good God to give us sisters who point each other to Him!

  2. THANK you for this post. God is using it (you) in my life! And thanks to Kacia for tweeting the link! Joining you tomorrow, though I don’t have a pretty journal (or even an ugly one…ha!)

  3. I LOVE this post. My original response to She Reads Truth was “well I don’t NEED this; I already read my Bible every day.” Umm… clearly I needed a big dose of humility. Then God prompted me to do it anyway and it was amazing and encouraging and convicting just like you said.

  4. Hi Ashley! I read your post late last night (er…early morning?) and didn’t get a chance to comment or send you a tweet – but I just wanted to say THANK YOU for sharing your heart – this was a beautifully written post and God is definitely using you and your thoughts to further HIS glory!! 🙂

    I am usually quite cynical, too, specifically with “women’s” bible studies. I find a lot of times it gets to be too “touchy-feely” and less about the Truth. I tried to join a couple earlier this year and failed to get with it. But then I realized…it’s not about me or what I think. It’s about getting further into the Word and letting God encourage me through other women (and maybe He’s using me to encourage them, too!). So I was thrilled to find out about #shereadstruth and join in. God’s timing is always perfect 🙂

    So thank you for being an encouragement to me!!

    • Yes! I feel all of those things!! So thankful we serve a God who is made strong in our weakness–this is gonna be a journey of sanctification, and I’m excited to be on it with you!

  5. Thanks. really thank you for this. I had not even heard of this (I am not on twitter and don’t have a phone that can do instagram but as I read the description my immediate reaction mirrored yours. “oh those ‘look how holy I am letting my light shine’ Christians! ugg.Followed by my “I want that I want to be pretty and have a pretty life and time for bible reading and *Envy* ” which usually leads to my favorite bad response which is “Well I am better than THAT! and I will promptly ignore it so I don’t feel guilty about my response or the fact that I am not ‘trying’ enough anymore.” I think I might just give this a try. I have been so spiritually dry lately and I am thirty let me tell you.

  6. Hi Ashley! I can sooo relate to this post! I put off starting my own blog because I knew it wasn’t going to be as fancy as most blogs out there. I also hesitated because my blog isn’t about DIY stuff, cooking, etc. It’s about me & the most DIFFICULT trial I have EVER experienced & am still experiencing. I knew God was prompting me to start my blog as an encouragement to others going through a trial as well as for me have a “journal” to look back on when my trial ends….a day I am FAITHFULLY praying for!! When I emailed my family & friends the link to my new blog I was so prideful that I had to ask them not to judge my blog by it’s simpleness but instead focus on it’s content. After sending the email I realized that I shouldn’t compare my blog, it’s my blog telling my story. Thank you Ashley for being real!

    • Kim, thanks so much for sharing this. I read through some of your posts and I’m touched by your family and your trust in God!! We recently took a leap of our own, I quit my full time job to spend more time with my kids, and my husband took a new (lower salary) position….so now we live in my moms basement. Big changes!! I’m confident that God blesses us for following him, and I’m excited to see how that plays out in both of our stories 🙂

  7. Ashley – This post really blessed me. Thanks for your honesty. You definitely voiced some of the general hesitations that I sometimes have and this was refreshing for me to read. I’m excited about the shereadstruth community as well!

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