Ordinary Fun


Today was an ordinary day. We woke up, we did a few errands before Daddy had to go to work, we had naptime and playtime and movie time and lunch time. And we were juuust entering that “how many more hours of entertainment are there to provide before bedtime” stretch of the day when my phone buzzed and I read this:

Free Menchies today from 2-4. Going there soon if you want to come.”

That, my friends, is my love language. Free yogurt, friends, and an activity. So I loaded the troops, manuevered my giant double stroller through the teeny tiny yogurt shop (at least 4 people offered to help me. This makes me realize 2 things. a) there are still good people in the world & b) i do not make parenting two small children look easy.)



I met a few friends there, and we let the kids run wild along the sidewalk and eat messy yogurt with messy toppings and have a blast. Someone else brought wipes, because I don’t remember things like that, and a stranger brought Sam back to me after he ran too far away and I was chasing Piper in the opposite direction. I got the stroller stuck in the doorway while I was carrying 3 cups of yogurt (1 cup was help by my teeth, because I am simply that awesome.) Generally speaking, I’m not the mom who has things “together.” Only one of my children actually had shoes on during this adventure, and they weren’t even real shoes, they were water shoes.

One of the girls there had her brand new baby there, and in a phenomonon known as Baby Fever and which I have to believe was created by God to encourage procreation, I felt my uterus flutter a little bit, I completely forgot how 30 seconds earlier I had been mumbling something under my breath about “too few hands…too many children…can’t stay in the same place for a freaking second…why is yogurt so messy…” and I squealed “eeeeee! I WANT ONE!!”


At least a hundred times I day I think to myself, “this is hard!” And I think about all the moms I know who make it look easy–the ones who remember diaper bags and cook nice dinners and have clean houses and have taken a shower since Sunday (wait, too much? is that too much information?) But, despite my forgetfulness and my disorganization, I freaking love this life. I love that they squeal about ice cream; I love that it dribbles down their faces and they don’t notice. I love that they think it’s funny to tickle each other, and I love that they’re becoming friends. I love free frozen yogurt, and I love friends that I get to share this crazy parenting adventure with.

An ordinary day, with ordinary fun. So thankful for this sweet life!



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  1. Amen this is my life in a mirror! 😉 A family member came over last night to watch my kids so we could slip out to Bible study, and after a day FULL of screaming tantrums from both little ones I had dishes stacked higher than you could believe because I just couldn’t get to it. The look of shock and/or horror at the mess in the kitchen was enough to make me wonder if I’m the only one in the world who can’t always make it look easy! I think you are a fabulous mama, and thanks for the encouragement with your very real descriptions of your day 😉 Looks like the ‘perfect’ day to me!

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