Ok, so, I was uninspired this week. So for my second post, I’m stealing/borrowing this from my bloggy buddy, Ashley.

Outside my window…
 There is ice and snow on the ground. Apparently, we’re having a mild winter. I can’t feel my fingers when I go outside though, so that really means nothing to me.
 I am thinking…
 That I’m really happy I’m not a football fan right now. My hometown team just lost the game in the final seconds because their kicker missed an easy field goal. (Easy, comparatively. I couldn’t kick a football 5 feet, but I also don’t get paid for it, so I feel like I can talk.) If I cared, I’d probably be having a bad night. As it is though, I got chili for dinner and rice krispy treats for dessert, and I care way more about food than football, so my night has been great.
I am thankful for…
 My hubby’s new job! He is going to be working at Starbucks with me in 2 weeks and I’m excited for him. And excited for his new hours and getting to see him more!!

I am learning…
That God’s goodness is constant. It doesn’t change. How I see it changes, and how I experience it changes, but his goodness never, ever, ever changes. Life would be easier for me if I always lived that truth.
 I am creating…
The fact that I have nothing to say here is really sad. I MUST make time to get back into the fun crafty things I was doing. I also need to create a nice space for my family in our new home. Lots of work to be done.
 I am going…
 To bed. A per my usual. Though last week, I stayed up until nearly midnight on several occasions. I was awfully proud of myself.
I am hearing…
 The dryer, and more football.
Around my house…
It is disorganized and cluttered. Two things that I’m working on.
One of my favorite things…
 Sam screaming, “SET, WEADY, GOOOOOO!!!!” and Piper having dramatic meltdowns if she wants some sort of electronic device she isn’t allowed to play with. Also,
A few plans for my week…
Couple of playdates! Excited to see 2 friends I haven’t hung out with since before Christmas. Also, this week we will find out if we’ve officially gotten our house rented out. We have an application that has been put in on it, so just waiting for everything to check out….the positive feedback on our house is such a HUGE answer to prayer!!!


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  1. congratulations on the new job for Geoff! being together is always better 🙂 and, for creating, I think you can put down “a safe, loving, and organized home”. I know you are always doing that. still, I hope you can find time to craft something soon!

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