Random Thursday


So, turns out blogging twice a week isn’t as easy as I’d thought. Maybe, though, that’s because this is been a horrible week.

My little guy is having a hard time right now–we’re in the process of figuring out if it’s medical or just a response to the move and all the changes, but either way, I’m losing my mind. I don’t actually know where my wit’s end is, but I know that I was there on several occasions. There’s just so much pressure involved in this parenting thing-I’m waiting to hear back the results from all his bloodwork and labs, which could be bad news (it probably isn’t, but it could be.) But then if it’s nothing, it means these are all discipline issues and all of a sudden I have to actually have my parenting act together.

In other news, I went running for the first time post-Memphis today. Geoff and I set off together (benefit of living with my folks–running together after the kids go to bed!) with Shadow (oh yeah–did  I mention we got a dog? Cuz we definitely did.) and I learned a lot. I learned than Geoff’s legs are a lot longer than mine, so even though he hasn’t been running in months, and has never done distance running, he kicked my butt. I learned that reflective gear is pretty important for running at night. And that if you don’t have that, sidewalks are even more important. And most of all, I learned not to ingest large quantities of hot dogs and homemade mac&cheese before runs, because otherwise you will throw them up in the bushes. Educational night, overall. Tonight marked the first night of training for my next 1/2 Marathon, which still blows my mind. It also will be Geoff’s first 1/2, and I’m SUPER excited to share this adventure with him. We’ll be traveling to Nashville again, and I can’t wait for Geoff to meet all my running buddies and get a little taste of the fun I had last time I went. I also may or may not be trying to convince him to let me go to Nashville alone in March for a girly getaway–because that’s not crazy, right? Yeah.

Anyways, Sbux calls early. You should come in and try our new roast–it’s actually quite delicious.


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