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New ‘Do


(Sorry for the terrible quality of that photo. Also, I’m sorry for the myspace-ness of that photo.)

So, about once a year I get a haircut. I get a haircut that I LOOOVE and makes me happy. I’m not one of those people who is scared to go short or try something new and dramatic. I’ve had curly hair, straight hair, bangs, bobs, and everything in between. I’ve had a lot of desperately miserable haircuts (the curse of curly hair–no one knows what to do with you!) and it’s gotten even harder to keep my hair looking nice ever since Piper came along and during the pregnancy stole my sanity AND my curly hair. It seems as though it’s never coming back. In it’s place, however, I am not left with cute or fun straight hair. I am left with a frumpy wave and frizz combination which leaves me never wondering what to do. So, after my annual haircuts, I get SUPER excited, and I am so happy to have my new chop. Inevitably though, I end up wanting to grow my hair out reaallly long. This is usually because I have seen someone with a long hairstyle that I get jealous of, and suddenly my grown-out hair takes on a new life in my daydreams. It’s going to have long, gorgeous waves, which I will sweep behind my shoulder and people will point and whisper, “Wow. That girl has gorgeous hair.” But, then something happens. My actual hair grows out, and I realize that all I have is more of the hair that drives me nuts. So it takes longer to blow dry, longer to straighten, still looks crazy, is heavy, and is always in a ponytail. So, blog readers, this is IT. This, today, January 26, is the day I will swear to never, ever want long hair again. I got it all cut off today, and I LOVE it.

(Right about now, I think my dad is wishing he’d followed someone else’s blog.)

There’s something so fun to me about a new haircut. It’s clean, and someone massaged your head, and styled it way better than you could ever dream of. All the yucky ends fall on the floor, and someone else comes and cleans up the mess. It’s really quite a theraputic adventure, one that I might try to make more than an annual thing. And there’s something very happy about shedding the frumpy mom feeling, and embracing the “I’m cute” part of mothering. That second part doesn’t seem to come around nearly as often, eh?




Ok, so, I was uninspired this week. So for my second post, I’m stealing/borrowing this from my bloggy buddy, Ashley.

Outside my window…
 There is ice and snow on the ground. Apparently, we’re having a mild winter. I can’t feel my fingers when I go outside though, so that really means nothing to me.
 I am thinking…
 That I’m really happy I’m not a football fan right now. My hometown team just lost the game in the final seconds because their kicker missed an easy field goal. (Easy, comparatively. I couldn’t kick a football 5 feet, but I also don’t get paid for it, so I feel like I can talk.) If I cared, I’d probably be having a bad night. As it is though, I got chili for dinner and rice krispy treats for dessert, and I care way more about food than football, so my night has been great.
I am thankful for…
 My hubby’s new job! He is going to be working at Starbucks with me in 2 weeks and I’m excited for him. And excited for his new hours and getting to see him more!!

I am learning…
That God’s goodness is constant. It doesn’t change. How I see it changes, and how I experience it changes, but his goodness never, ever, ever changes. Life would be easier for me if I always lived that truth.
 I am creating…
The fact that I have nothing to say here is really sad. I MUST make time to get back into the fun crafty things I was doing. I also need to create a nice space for my family in our new home. Lots of work to be done.
 I am going…
 To bed. A per my usual. Though last week, I stayed up until nearly midnight on several occasions. I was awfully proud of myself.
I am hearing…
 The dryer, and more football.
Around my house…
It is disorganized and cluttered. Two things that I’m working on.
One of my favorite things…
 Sam screaming, “SET, WEADY, GOOOOOO!!!!” and Piper having dramatic meltdowns if she wants some sort of electronic device she isn’t allowed to play with. Also,
A few plans for my week…
Couple of playdates! Excited to see 2 friends I haven’t hung out with since before Christmas. Also, this week we will find out if we’ve officially gotten our house rented out. We have an application that has been put in on it, so just waiting for everything to check out….the positive feedback on our house is such a HUGE answer to prayer!!!

2012: Fail. Family Photo: Success!


So. Have  mentioned I’m not good at resolutions? Oh, yeah, and I’m also not good at blogging. So this is a winner of a combo I’ve got going on here. Week 1, success. Week 2, not so much. This is not good news, people. Not good. However, I’m going to post 3 times this week, it’s going to all even out, I’m going to be extra awesome from now on, and we’ll all forget about this little Week 2 hiccup. k?

So, our family had a little milestone last month.

The day that Piper came home from the birth center, we got our first family portrait taken. It looked like this:

Yes--both Geoff and I were a lot fatter this time last year. And no, Sam isn't exactly looking at the camera. And yes, Piper's face is beet red because she screamed bloody murder the whole way home.

I was mildly bummed. I mean, I have photographer friends. I wanted one of those magical pictures that made Piper look not like an alien, and made Sam look like a Baby Gap model, and made me look like somehow I hadn’t just pushed a baby out of me. But alas, this is what we got. And  this was literally 7 hours after her birth, so I was in no position to ask for a redo. Not to worry–it’d be easier later.

Parents of more than one child–please feel free to insert a snicker here. It doesn’t get easier. Throughout the year we tried a few more times. Take this gem, for example:

Cute, eh? This was the best attempt of several...

Fourth of July, we all dressed up in our adorably festive clothes. This was going to be IT. The day the cutest of our family was forever cemented.

Ohh look how cute my kids are! No wait, you can't see them...

I started to just give up a little bit. And then last month, we had Sammy’s birthday party. Somewhere in the midst of the chaos, this beauty appeared. And so I bring you the first Ward Family Photo where everyone is looking!




Random Thursday


So, turns out blogging twice a week isn’t as easy as I’d thought. Maybe, though, that’s because this is been a horrible week.

My little guy is having a hard time right now–we’re in the process of figuring out if it’s medical or just a response to the move and all the changes, but either way, I’m losing my mind. I don’t actually know where my wit’s end is, but I know that I was there on several occasions. There’s just so much pressure involved in this parenting thing-I’m waiting to hear back the results from all his bloodwork and labs, which could be bad news (it probably isn’t, but it could be.) But then if it’s nothing, it means these are all discipline issues and all of a sudden I have to actually have my parenting act together.

In other news, I went running for the first time post-Memphis today. Geoff and I set off together (benefit of living with my folks–running together after the kids go to bed!) with Shadow (oh yeah–did  I mention we got a dog? Cuz we definitely did.) and I learned a lot. I learned than Geoff’s legs are a lot longer than mine, so even though he hasn’t been running in months, and has never done distance running, he kicked my butt. I learned that reflective gear is pretty important for running at night. And that if you don’t have that, sidewalks are even more important. And most of all, I learned not to ingest large quantities of hot dogs and homemade mac&cheese before runs, because otherwise you will throw them up in the bushes. Educational night, overall. Tonight marked the first night of training for my next 1/2 Marathon, which still blows my mind. It also will be Geoff’s first 1/2, and I’m SUPER excited to share this adventure with him. We’ll be traveling to Nashville again, and I can’t wait for Geoff to meet all my running buddies and get a little taste of the fun I had last time I went. I also may or may not be trying to convince him to let me go to Nashville alone in March for a girly getaway–because that’s not crazy, right? Yeah.

Anyways, Sbux calls early. You should come in and try our new roast–it’s actually quite delicious.

Happy Birthday, Piper Joy!


A little less than a year ago, I was standing in the kitchen when Geoff got home from work. He slid his phone across the counter and hit play on a YouTube song. The lyrics of “It Won’t Be Like This For Long” filled the room and for the first time that day, I felt a little big hopeful. Just a little though–not enough to actually believe that “one day we’d look back laughing at the week we brought her home.”

We’d just had Piper a few weeks prior, and her adjustment to life outside the womb had been, well…awful. For all of us. She cried and cried and cried and cried. Every time she cried, I cried. If we were both crying, Sam was probably crying. And everyone else in my life was trying to make ANY of us stop crying. The light at the end of the tunnel seemed so very far away. I remember asking Geoff if Piper could just go live with someone else, because clearly she wasn’t excited about the arrangement we had going on. I remember thinking that this might actually just be the first time God was wrong about something he gave me (obviously I was thinking SUPER clearly.)

I’m sitting here a year later–and Darius? You were right. This week, that baby turned one, and I laughed at those days and how I had no idea that my life was about to change.

It’s funny–when you’re pregnant with your first kid, EVERYONE tells you what’s going to change (they also tell you horrific labor and delivery story, ask questions about your cervix and boobs, and make comments about your weight. Pregnancy is a weird time.) They warn you about that moment when you first see the baby you carried. About how your heart just gets ripped out of you and you hold it. About how it will just crumble you to see your husband cradle that little one. There’s a this talk about how being a parent will change you. And it’s all true–every bit of it. So I was expecting it. I didn’t know what it would feel like, but I knew something was coming. I knew when he came, that he would change me and grow me and stretch me. I knew there would be new sacrifices and an entirely different life.

But no one warned me about the second one. I figured I had this whole mom thing down. Just gotta juggle two of them. The very first words I said to Piper, as soon as she was placed on my chest was, “you look different than I thought.” (You can drop my mother of the year award off anytime now.) I was SHOCKED that she looked different than Sam.

And now that I’ve had her for a year, I’ve learned something. It isn’t just being a parent that changes you. It is these little people–these specific little souls that have been specifically entrusted to my care. All the times I thought I didn’t understand what God was doing–he knew I needed Piper. I needed her sweet little spirit, her funny laugh, her stubbornness. He knew that Piper was going to change my world as much as Sam did, and that my heart was going to crumble all over again.

This week we celebrated a year of the little girl who has taught me to let go of my control of my life, and trust the one who holds it all. She is just the sweetest, bubbliest, girl ever (and a vacuum cleaner at meal times. She eats evverttyything) I cannot believe how blessed we are to have her in this family.

Happy Birthday, my little Piper Joy!



Last night I rang in the new year exactly the way I have for the past 4–sound asleep in my bed! Sbux has really ruined my ability to stay up light (not to mention the pregnany/postpartum years never had a shot to see midnight) so last night I had high hopes of actually seeing the ball drop. Didn’t happen, though, and it seems like maybe this is just my new years thing: sleep right through it. And as with every other year, the launch of 2012 has me making decisions and goals to better my life over the next 12 months.

Generally speaking, my new years goal is to shed whatever number of pounds I’ve deemed over my goal weight. The exciting part of this year is that all my pants fit, I trained hard for a half marathon last year, and for the first January of my life, losing weight is NOT at the top (or even on!) my priority list. This makes way for way more fun resolutions…such as, blogging!!

I LOVE blogs. Love, love, love them. Love reading people’s blogs that I know, love reading stranger’s blogs, and I especially love the strangers whose blogs I’ve been reading become friends. (Or BFFs even! :)) And whenever I read someone’s blog who keeps up with it regularly, I think to myself, “Wow! I wish I could do that. What a great way to preserve memories!” And then I list the reasons I could never do it–I don’t know if you’ve heard, but I’m disorganized, and I’m messy, and I work, and I have 2 little kids, and I’m trying to exercise, and I like to go to bed at 7pm. So I couldn’t possibly be good at blogging regularly. There’s just no way.

Well, move out of the way, excuses, cuz here comes 2012–the year of blogging! This year my goal is to make my computer use more productive and actually record the wonderful, difficult, hilarious, crazy, messy, silly, and beautiful parts of my life. And I’m not going at it alone–my friend Crystal had posted a blog recently about how she wished she was preserving her families memories as well, so we decided that we’re going to help each other out. Our goal is get posts up a few times a week (and we may or may not have set up a reward system as a small incentive.) I am SUPER excited about having a buddy along the way–and hoping that a bit of Crystal’s sweet spirit and wonderful parenting might rub off on me 😉

So, if you’re reading this, I hope you’re ready for the ride! 2012 is going to be a year of stretching and growing and changing for our family, and I’m excited to document the journey. Join us!