Monthly Archives: September 2011

New shoes and such


So, this week is my last week of full time management! Crazy and scary and wonderful and sad and way too many things to even consider typing about any of them right now.

One of my girls that works for me got a new job, so she needed to put in her 2 weeks. She did so with a hilarious poem she wrote, and a box of chocolate & sea salt covered caramels. FOUR years in management, and that’s the first person that ever quit with candy. I wish everyone would do that. Hear that, world? If I’m ever a boss again, quit with candy. Always.

Somebody in this house started wearing shoes. Pink shoes. Tiny shoes. And the cuteness might just kill me.

 Piper’s starting to be on her feet more than crawling, so the time has come. She is getting so big! I feel like we knew exactly how Sam was growing and changing because since he was our only kid, our world kinda just revolved around him. Now that our house is busier, I feel like sometimes I just look up and go, “Whoa! Piper is a big girl!” It’s really fun to see her developing personality–girlfriend has a stink-face! She is too funny.

 Sammy has been super into planes lately. We took both the kids to Aviation Park the other evening to let them watch the planes take off and play. Sam LOVED it and every time a plane flew by, he’d yell “PAAAAANNNEEE!!! HHIIIII PPAAAANNNEEEE! GOOOOOOOOO!” It was hilarious! I’m loving as my kids get older that we get to have fun family days that they actually enjoy. I’ve been taking Sam on trips since he was born that I always imagined would be more fun than they are–only to get there and realize he’s too little or doesn’t care about whatever I took him to see. But finally he loves seeing new things and experiencing the world and I love showing it to him!

Allrighty, I’m outta here–I have to admit that knowing it’s my last week of full time is kind of bringing me the big girl version of senioritis! I’m desperately trying not to be totally checked-out yet, so I gotta try and be focused for a few more shifts….


Things to Remember


I wanted to jot down a few quick things that I’m afraid I’ll forget about these precious times with my babies 😀

–When Sam sees a balloon, he yells, “A-boon! A-boon!”

–Sam calls oatmeal “eeee-meeel”

–When Piper hears the CD player in the living start up, her entire world stops and she enters a musical trance until the music ends

–Sam is great at saying “please” but he mostly combines it with other words, such as “Uppies!” (up please!) “helppies!” (help please!) “nilkies!” (milk please!)

–Sam calls cheerioes “Chetchos”

–Piper growls often at her toys and she loves to blow raspberries on anything she can find. She loooooves The Wheels on the Bus more than any other song.

–Sam has made a little friend named Natalee. When he sees her he yells, “Naaaa-neee!!” and wants to hold her hand the entire time she is around.

These sweet little people are the highlight of my days and I’m thankful for their little personalities!