Monthly Archives: August 2011

Some quick thoughts (and a What Just Happened?)


no reason for this pic. except, i mean come on. look at that face.



Soo I’ve been bad at the ol’ blog lately. Big changes coming to the Wards soon, and not ready to process or talk about them so I’ve been avoiding anything that might make me put together coherent sentences. Oh, and I’m definitely not pregnant, like I usually mean when I say things are changing. For the record, I haven’t been pregnant in 7 months, which is the longest I’ve gone since I got married without making a baby! You can send my prizes and gold stars to my home address.

–Piper is crawling and pulling up on everything, and starting to move along the furniture. At this age, Sam would still stay wherever you left him and couldn’t crawl at all, so sometimes I don’t quite know what to do with her. She also learned to make fart noises on the leather couch, which I find hilarious and took a video of. Also, my mom is going to be really mad I said “fart” on my blog, and is going to request that I change it to “pass gas.” Hi, Mommy! 🙂

–Sam is a little chatterbox these days. He’s taken to repeating the last word of basically any sentence he hears, and it learning people’s names. Some of my new favorites are mailman, I love you, ketchup, milk, & almost.

–Today at work, one of my employees went to take payment from a customer in the drive thru window. I’m not sure exactly how or when all the intentions got mixed up, but she thought he was reaching out for a handshake. It was his left hand, palm up, and she contorted her arm to shake/hold his hand. Most awkwardly hilarious situation ever. I nearly died. Definitely a “What Just Happened?” moment.

–Went on a shopping spree today with my hubby (sponsored by his mom) to buy him new work clothes in celebration of his nearly 50 pound weight loss! So proud of him, and so glad he is going to work tomorrow in pants that won’t be hanging off his butt.

–This month, Geoff and I cut out sugar and caffeine. We haven’t been 100% strict with sugar (we’ve eaten some bread, pasta, etc) but have been 100% off sweets, juice, soda….and every single thing at Starbucks. It’s been a long month for me, since I’m surrounded by it, but it’s good for me to curb the sugar addiction a little. I sort of miss my nightly m&ms, though skipping them may or may not be the reason I’m starting to fit back into pants again. I have to say though–I might just buy new pants, and keep the chocolate.

–Ran 4 miles this week–first time since before wedding that I have run so far, and I’m excited. Only have to add 9 more, and I’m good to go for December

Ok, I’m in tomorrow at 430a, so I’m out.