A coffee shop romance…ish.


Sooo. I mentioned in my last post that when I left the night I re-met my husband, he asked for my number. However, if you’re thinking this is going to read like a love at first (second?) sight story, you are mistaken! We had some really amazing conversations that night as a group of people who had drastically changed from those we had been in high school. As the night and the hours passed, we delved into politics, faith and religion, right and wrong, absolutes and relative truths. We argued, laughed and discussed until early in the morning, and as we were leaving, there were several number exchanges that went on, with promises of “definitely keeping in better touch from now on.” So I left with no inkling of how my life would be dramatically changed from then on.

I went along my merry little way, and a few nights later I was closing at work (I was the Assistant Manager of Starbucks at that point) and I got a text from him asking if I was working, and if he could come and visit. I said sure, and when he came he explained that he had been on a quest to start liking coffee and figured of all the people he knew, I might be able to help.

When I tell this story, it ALWAYS makes me laugh, because it totally sounds like a pickup line!! The hilarious part is that at this point, he wasn’t interested in me romantically at all, seriously. He was coming out of a phase in life where he’d been partying a lot and looking to make some changes–one of his goals in becoming an “adult” was developing a taste for coffee and since he was avoiding a lot of his old ways, it left him with a lot of spare evenings–and a lot of boredom.

Enter coffee house girl 🙂

We ended up hanging out afterwards with another friend from high school, and continued some other hang outs in the weeks to come. We had a few movie nights, a karaokee night, a few more cups of coffee. As we began to hang out more, we made it very clear to each other that we were NOT going to get serious. He was adamant about not getting married before he turned 25 (he was 22 at the time) and I was equally as adamant about not getting married EVER (haha, did I mention I was coming out of a bitter phase of life??) so we knew that for sure this was not going to turn into anything….

Doesn’t God just love surprises??

Introducing Geoff to the Donut Shack early on. A rite of passage 🙂



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  1. More, more, more!! You may not want to dive into this here, or ever with me, but … why had you gotten to a point where you were never going to get married? 🙂 Love reading your blog!

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