Friday Randoms


Ahh. Friday. Kind of loses some of the fun when you have to work at 5a on Saturday, but, it’s the weekend nonetheless. Soooo here’s some randoms:

–This was was the 4th of July. So fun!!! Took the kiddos to a parade and had so much fun. Sam LOVED it. Only, since when did 15 minutes of old cars get to be in a parade? If you aren’t dressed as an animal, riding on something with one wheel, or throwing candy at me, I’m not super interested. Here’s some pictures of my patriotic cuties:

my sweet girl, in the headband i made!

–i think that i’m going to have to give up on having good pictures of our whole family for awhile. getting an 18 month old and a 6 month old to look cute together in a photo just doesn’t work.

–starbucks customers are nuts. like, seriously nuts. a guy emailed my boss this week asking for a free drink because when he came in, the parking lot stunk. really? what just happened?

–Sam walked up to Piper today and said, “Hi baby!” Ahhh sentences. They’re coming. He started saying hungry, brush, ice, dart, bite, and a few other things this week. He’s hilarious.

–We finally decided on what we’re doing for church!! Been hopping and looking and thinking and deciding and we’re going to be going to SPEPs evening service. It’s good for us right now and will be great because even when I have to work, I won’t have to miss going to church with my family. Now, to get Sammy used to the nursery….

–Transformers 3=really great. Almost as good as the first, way better than the 2nd. Saw the non 3d version, because I refuse to let any of my money continue this ridiculous 3d fad. I don’t like glasses I’m forced to pay for, and I don’t like when things look like they’re flying out of the screen at me. 2d is where it’s at.

–made the most ridiculous dessert ever. saw this on Pinterest, and didn’t find an excuse to make it until a cookout on Monday. Yeah, that’s cookies and oreos and brownies. And it tasted better than it looked, if that’s possible. And I gained 12 pounds.


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