Recipe Post: Avocado Goodness!


Sooo, here’s my first recipe post! This is for one of our most favorite things to eat–we didn’t make this up, but we edited it a little. I’ll post the link to the original recipe at the bottom in case anyone wants to compare. This dish is especially great in the summer when produce is fresh and local, plus its great because you don’t need to use the oven and make your house hot; a big plus in this crazy heat we’ve been having! It’s a refreshing, delicious salad.

So, first lets gather our ingredients.

You will need: 2 ripe tomatoes, 1 red onion, 3 limes, 1 yellow pepper, 1 jalepeno pepper, 1 can of black beans, 1 can of corn, olive oil, cayenne pepper, fresh garlic, and salt. The thing I LOVE about this recipe is all of the amounts are totally flexible. Like things super spicy? Throw in another jalepeno. Green peppers on sale? Use that instead of yellow. Or, in this case, if all you have is half of a red onion, no worries 🙂 We also love to use fresh corn in the summer instead of canned corn; but I didn’t have a chance to get any.

Ok, so first you want to take the tomatoes, peppers, and onion and chop them up. Again, this is totally personal preference–we leave ours pretty chunky, but you could dice them smaller if you prefer. Throw it all into a big bowl, and then zest one (or 2 if you prefer!) of the limes on top. You should have a bowl that looks something like this:

Next, toss in your cans of corn and beans–drained! The salad will get a dressing, so make sure you don’t put liquid in now. Give it all a good mix.








Next you want to put together the dressing. Whisk together your olive oil, the juice from your limes, cayenne pepper, salt and minced garlic. I just measure my oil and then add all the ingredients to my measuring glass. When it’s whisked, go ahead and add it to your salad.

The last thing is to chop your avocados. Avocados are just one of the most wonderful things in the entire world. You want to make sure they are perfectly ripe though–they should be soft to the touch, but NOT squishy. Check for any super soft spots, they will be bad. But make sure it isn’t too firm; you want it to be soft and buttery. To cut them, just slice it in half longways, stick your knife into the pit, and twist it out. Then cut the flesh into squares and scoop it out with a spoon, as pictured below.

Toss your avocado in your bowl with the other ingredients, but mix it gently because your avocado will get smushy if you mix it too much.

Now you’re looking at a fresh, delicious salad! You can eat it straight out of the bowl like this, or put it on a bed of lettuce. You could eat it with rice, or, our favorite is to eat it with tortilla chips–the extra crunch and salt are just perfection. This is also a great meal to have without any meat because the avocado and beans make it very filling. However, if you’re feeling carnivorous like we were, you can add fish, chicken, or steak. We’ve tried it all ways and it pairs well with any protein. Tonight we put some steak on top and it was DELICIOUS!

And there you have it–one of the best dinners ever. Special thanks to my hubby for photographing this as we went along. Let me know if you try any great variations!

Here’s the original recipe:


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