Sweet Sammy is 18 months!


Dear Little Sammy,

How can you possibly be 18 months already? It seems like just yesterday you were 6 months old (the first 6 months of your life passed by dreadfully slow…but it has definitely picked up speed!) Since I’m terrible at keeping your baby book and saving memories, I want you to know some of the happy things you bring to this family. You have come so far in your little life!

You are hilarious. Absolutely hilarious. Right now, one of your favorite words is “stuck.” You use it eleventy billion times a day, when anything isn’t going like you think it should. If I go to open a door and it is locked, you shout “STUCK!” If you try to pick up something that is too heavy…”STUCK!” You find it so funny. You also think fake coughs and sneezes are hilarious, and your most favorite game is “stinky feet” where we smell your feet and make yucky faces. You also play a game your daddy invented where he lays on you and pretends to sleep, and you “wake him up.”

You are a total, 100% Daddy’s boy. If Daddy is around, you don’t want anything to do with anyone else. You will follow your daddy around the house, and if he needs to go to the bathroom, you will sit outside the door and cry until he comes back out. You’ve gotten better at when he leaves for work though, and now you like to wave out the door.

Daddy and Sammy playing Stinky Feet!

We got you lots of fun summer toys–a pool, a slide, and a bucket and shovel that you just love. You really love splashing in the water and pouring it on your head. Your other favorite things to do are read books, build block towers, and watch Super Why on the computer. You LOVE Super Why (and call it “Wha”) and get so excited when it comes on. Occasionally you will watch other stuff, but you aren’t very interested in TV unless that is on.

Sam and Super Why

You have a very sensitive and sweet heart. When you went to your friend’s birthday party, you walked around making sure that all the kids had a ball or toy to play with. You get upset when anyone else is upset, especially your baby sister. You could give her kisses all day long, but we have to be careful because sometimes your kisses turn into accidental bites. You also love to try to give her a pacifier, but sometimes it lands in her eye.

You love to “GO!” Anywhere to get out of the house makes you happy. Walks around the block in your car, the grocery store, going to Starbucks–you just love to get out. One of your newest words is “Costco” and it’s your favorite store. You aren’t a great napper, but have gotten better. You do great at night though, and almost always sleep from about 7a-7p.

Overall, you’re a pretty high maintenance kid, but you’re the best kid we could have hoped for. I love seeing your little personality and the boy you are becoming. I can’t believe we’re going to be celebrating your SECOND birthday in just a few months. Thanks for all the happiness and laughter you bring to life–you make my heart so happy and full. I love you, sweet boy!


Mommy 🙂


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  1. This is so sweet and for some reason its still registering that you are a MOM of TWO!!! haha wow I think its because I last saw you with you kids is when sam was just born and we met at Starbucks! Almost two years ago!!!! Thats crazy!! I wish I could start my family already so our kiddos could be friends =)

  2. What a cutie… seriously, he is so stinkin cute! I know you don’t have time to post often, but I love it when you do. It just makes me wish we hung out more in real life. 🙂

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