A Happy Day!


Today we took our sweet little boy to the zoo! It was so nice for Geoff and I to be off together and enjoy some beautiful weather and show Sam some new sights, along with our friends Kat and Malachi. It is so exciting to see him grow up and learn new things–every day he says a new word or learns a new “trick.” In the past few weeks, he has learned to blow kisses, how to pretend to go to sleep, how to climb up and slide down a little plastic slide…he’s so fun! He also has lately LOVED big trucks and points and says “OOOOOHHH!” every time he sees one. Today to get to the zoo we were on the highway for awhile and he loved all the big trucks going by.

Sam’s got a sensitive little spirit, and new things sometimes scare him. Some of the up close animals made him nervous, and he held close to his Daddy! The sweetest thing is that when Geoff would try to get closer to something Sam was scared of to show him it was safe, Sam would try to hold him back and protect him! He has such a wonderful little heart.

The older he gets, the more I love showing him the world and seeing his little personality develop. Here’s some pictures of our great day together!

This was his stink face at a scary turtle!!

Sammy and his buddy, Malachi


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