the children are sleeping/but they’re running through my mind/the sun makes them happy/but the music makes them unwind/my cup runneth over/i worry about the stain/teach me to run to You/ like they run to me/ for every little thing/ could it be that everything is sacred?/ and all this time/ everything i’ve dreamed of/ has been right before my eyes

–caedmon’s call, sacred

I found the lines above from one of my favorite songs running through my mind all day today. I kept humming them while I was thinking about the nice weather outside and how happy my little guy must be to finally get to play outside for a long time (he LOVES going outside–we let him take things out to the trash can a few times a day just because he gets so excited that he squeals about running up the driveway!) And I loved coming home and getting to take both my kiddos outside for a walk. But I keep thinking about this song because it’s important to my life right now. Sometimes it’s really hard to balance work and motherhood. I find myself challenged to manage my time well, to be a good caretaker of my home as well as play with the kids, in addition to being a good wife and a good store manager. It’s a daily struggle for me to let go of how I want things to be and focus on how blessed I am. This song today has been a great reminder of the fact that my life, both the work part AND the mom part, are sacred. They’re both parts of my life that I need to be thankful for; both parts that require sacrifice and hard work; both parts that I have the chance to impact those around me. And just like I am supposed to be a light for my littles and teach them about Jesus, I am supposed to be a light at work. Sometimes I’m not as good at remembering that part of my life. But I feel like God is working on me a lot these days, and I am excited to be part of whatever it is he has planned for me.

In the meantime…how can anyone not be happy when they get to come home to THIS??


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