Some of my favorite things


So Sam has gotten pretty hilarious lately–I don’t think I ever thought a one year old could be SO funny, but he cracks me up. And since unfortunately, Sam doesn’t have a mom who made him a baby book or records any of his milestones, I figured I should get a few of them written down somewhere!

Sam started this really annoying whining thing when he was about 12 months old. If he wanted something he couldn’t reach, or wanted to be picked up, he would hold out his arms and go, “EH! Eh! EHH!” in this super whiney tone. That wasn’t going to work for us. At this point, the only words Sam could say were “woof” and “go” and no amount of coaxing could get a “please” out of him. So, we finally decided, fine. He doesn’t need to say please, because he can’t yet. But he needs to say something nice–so, when we said, “Say something nice” he would grin and say, “WOOF!!” Somewhere along the way, he actually started using “woof” as “please” and we find it hilarious. At 16 months now, we say to him, “Sammy, can you say please?” and he woofs at us!!

The other hilarious thing he does now is answer “yes” to nearly every question he is asked. He says “yes” as “yesh” though, which adds to the laughs. We are enjoying our little chats with him: Sammy, are you cute? YESH! Sammy, do you love us? YESH!! Sammy, are you stinky? YESH!! He makes us laugh so much.

He also sometimes has a hard time being gentle with his baby sister. But he LOVES to kiss her–so if he is doing something inappropriate, like smacking her face, and I say, “Sam! Gentle!” he smiles sweetly and kisses the top of her head. He’s also very protective of her, and if we’re out and anyone looks at her, he immediately wants to kiss her, as if to mark his territory 😀 Love, love, love watching him grow up. And can’t wait for more laughs!


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