Finding the Beauty in the Now


If I had a dollar for every time someone told me I’d miss when Sam was a newborn, I’d pretty much be able to quit my job and live a life of luxury forever. So far, in the first 16months, they’d be wrong. I am 100% willing to admit that at some point this may change; I’m nowhere near an expert on parenting, and in the grand scheme of how long I’ll actually be a mom, I’m through, what, 5% of it? I also realize that having had another baby so soon probably changes it too, since every phase Sam outgrows I know Piper Joy will be in soon enough. So perhaps next year, I will eat these words. And I’ll do it gladly…but for now….

I LOVE every phase of Sam’s growing up. Every single day gets more FUN! And every day that passes now, I love the little guy more and more. I love his sweet faces he makes as he figures out how to scrunch his nose or stick out his tongue. I love his ever growing vocabulary (currently includes: hi, oh yeah, yes, woof, why, diaper, go, cold, uh-oh and wow) and the hilarious ways he uses the words.

I think ultimately, I feel like the absolute best part of parenting is getting to know these sweet little people who have been entrusted to me. I love seeing which books he loves, which toys are his favorite. I can only imagine how much more fun I will have when he can talk to me and tell me his thoughts!! I don’t want to wish away these wonderful days with him by rushing things, but I definitely don’t mind every day that he learns more and grows into the little boy he is becoming. The same is true of Piper as she is also growing quickly.

So for today, I am finding beauty in the little faces of my two growing kiddos and the fact that every day I am closer to discovering who they are!


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