Monthly Archives: August 2010

The One With All the Updates


So. I was totally going to be a more regular blogger. I had a really great excuse, but I totally can’t remember now. When I think of it, I’ll make sure I let you know. Until then, here’s the updates in our lives:

Me: Feeling really good. I’m just about 20 weeks now–can’t believe we’re almost halfway to meeting this little one! The time is flying by and sometimes a little too fast…I don’t know I’m quite prepared for two kiddos. But I’m quite sure no one is ever ready 🙂 Work is good, though challenging at times. Love, love, love my coworkers. Sometimes the management side of my job a little stressful, but I keep plugging through. I’m so blessed and thankful to have amazing hours that allow me maximum time with my Sammy even though I’m working 40 hrs a week. I’m almost never home past 3p, and we get to have lots of fun.

Geoff: He’s in the midst of a job search right now, and it’s been a bit of a challenge. He’s spent lots of time submitting resumes, phone interviews, in person interviews, etc. So far not a lot of doors have been opened, but we’re prayerfully considering our next steps. He also had a little trip to the ER last night after an accident at work with the deli meat slicer–turns out they slice meat AND fingers. 6 stitches, a few hours at the hospital, lots of blood, and a grossed-out wife made for an exciting evening. Luckily he’s totally fine and though his finger is definitely still sore, we’re glad it wasn’t worse!!

House: Our moms have been AMAZING and helping us get our house in order. Those who know either of us know that we’re not the most organized or neat people. We’re messy, we don’t really have “places” where things go, we never do our laundry all the way (ie, do a load, throw it on the bedroom floor….), we don’t have a dishwasher and let everything get piled up…well, our moms have decided to help. They have so far organized Sam’s room and all his outgrown clothes, helped us develop a laundry system and are helping us learn to care for our home better. We also got our homebuyer tax credit–FINALLY!!! Took about 4 months longer than our regular refund, but now we can pay off some bills 🙂 We mostly don’t have anything to do in the house to get ready for the baby, because the kiddos are going to share a room, and obviously we still have all our baby things. Just scouting out double strollers, and once I pick one we are good to go!!

Sam: Little guy is doing wonderfully! He is 8 months old tomorrow and is just so sweet. He’s a gentle baby, sometimes a little high maintenance but mostly a happy little fellow. He’s finally discovered the joy in sitting up and playing with all his toys–my mom has filled our living room with toys that he LOVES!!! He started on food this evening, and he HATED it. We’ll keep trying and hopefully he’ll decide he loves it 🙂

Baby #2: We found out last week we’re expecting a little baby GIRL! Her name is Piper Joy (we’ll also call her PJ.) It took me a few days, not gonna lie, but now I am super excited about having a girl. Still looking at a due date officially of December 28, but it could get pushed to the 30th which is great with me. The longer she grows, the better! She is totally healthy and we had a great time getting to know her on the ultrasound screen. She’s a much different baby than Sam–that boy literally moved 24-7. No joke. Piper does a lot more floating around in there, with quiet movements that let me know she’s in there often enough that I don’t worry, but not often enough to be predictable. We could watch Sam move my belly from week 17 on…with Piper, Geoff hasn’t even gotten to feel yet because her hard kicks are SO infrequent. I am thinking my dreams of a laid back baby might be coming true 🙂

Other than that, not much to report. Life is good. Always a little uncertainty, but keeps life interesting, and keeps us looking up.