The One with(out) the Air


So, my favorite way to sleep is right on my stomach. After I had Sam, I happily reverted back to my tummy-sleeping ways, and the day I got a positive pregnancy test, I began whining to Geoff about how I couldn’t sleep on my stomach. Thankfully, this pregnancy has been AMAZING compared to my one with Sam. Horrible morning sickness, but totally cleared up by 11 weeks and no complaints since then. Except for, you know, the sleep thing. And really, the extra squish in the tummy region that Sam left behind when he made his exit has really helped out. Until last week, I’ve been fine on my stomach. Then it got uncomfortable, so I said farewell until January. Then, Saturday night I woke up and said to Geoff “It’s HOT in here!” We looked at the thermostat and the air was most definitely not working. We’re at Wednesday now, and it’s still not. The combination of side sleeping and super hot rooms have made me a wee bit grumpy. But I’m very excited because it should be getting fixed today! Poor little Sammy has been a miserable ball of sweat (poor kid sweats like his dad) and has actually spent the past 2 nights with his grandma’s bc he was so miserable. It made both Geoff and I realize we would have done terribly living in the age of no air condition. I’m happily spoiled by the wonderful gift of cold air blowing through my vents. And I can’t wait to have it back!
In other news, Sam is sitting up now! He’s been able to for awhile, but he hasn’t been very interested in doing it at all and finally he likes it. He’s also figured out how to crawl, though he isn’t interested in doing it often. And if I try to get him, he splats both legs and arms out and cries even though he is perfectly capable. It’s both adorable and shows what a weirdo he is 😀


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