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The One with(out) the Air


So, my favorite way to sleep is right on my stomach. After I had Sam, I happily reverted back to my tummy-sleeping ways, and the day I got a positive pregnancy test, I began whining to Geoff about how I couldn’t sleep on my stomach. Thankfully, this pregnancy has been AMAZING compared to my one with Sam. Horrible morning sickness, but totally cleared up by 11 weeks and no complaints since then. Except for, you know, the sleep thing. And really, the extra squish in the tummy region that Sam left behind when he made his exit has really helped out. Until last week, I’ve been fine on my stomach. Then it got uncomfortable, so I said farewell until January. Then, Saturday night I woke up and said to Geoff “It’s HOT in here!” We looked at the thermostat and the air was most definitely not working. We’re at Wednesday now, and it’s still not. The combination of side sleeping and super hot rooms have made me a wee bit grumpy. But I’m very excited because it should be getting fixed today! Poor little Sammy has been a miserable ball of sweat (poor kid sweats like his dad) and has actually spent the past 2 nights with his grandma’s bc he was so miserable. It made both Geoff and I realize we would have done terribly living in the age of no air condition. I’m happily spoiled by the wonderful gift of cold air blowing through my vents. And I can’t wait to have it back!
In other news, Sam is sitting up now! He’s been able to for awhile, but he hasn’t been very interested in doing it at all and finally he likes it. He’s also figured out how to crawl, though he isn’t interested in doing it often. And if I try to get him, he splats both legs and arms out and cries even though he is perfectly capable. It’s both adorable and shows what a weirdo he is šŸ˜€


The One with All the Blueberries


Of all the skills Sam has learned, my most favorite has to be his ability to roll over from back to front. He learned front to back REALLY well, and proceeded to roll himself over every single time it was bedtime or naptime, and then flailed around like a turtle until someone came to roll him over. As soon as we rolled him over and left the room, he’d do it again. Sigh. He’s been rolling from front to back for 2 weeks now, but never in his crib, only when he wanted to be done with tummy time. FINALLY he is rolling himself on his own at bedtime and it’s SO much easier. He’s a good little guy.

In other news, I have 20 pounds of blueberries in my fridge. Any great recipe ideas? I’m trying to think of healthy ways to use them–I have a great cobbler recipe, and a great muffin recipe, but by the time you add all the butter and sugar, it’s like you’re practically not eating fruit! I’m going to use some of them for dessert-y stuff, and am also freezing a bunch to use for future baby food when Sam starts eating, and of course I’m snacking on handful after handful, but if anyone has any other ideas, let me know! As soon as I get to the grocery store I’m going to buy some cereal to put them on, but that’s kind of where my ideas run out.

Check me out. 2 blog posts in 2 days. And hopefully another tomorrow–it’s Sam’s 7th month birthday! šŸ˜€

The One With All the Food


Whenever I think back on the blizzards we had in February, I will always think of one thing: food. I think I speak for a lot of us when I say that the thought of being cooped up in the house for a few days made me want to stock up on at least a months worth of food–you know, just in case. So it only makes sense that when I knew I was going to be home for a week, we had to stock up on food! This week was a fabulous chance for Geoff and I to cook together, one of our favorite activities. We made grilled pizzas, fish tacos, steaks on the grill–and as our grand finale, pulled pork bbq with homemade Jack Daniels bbq sauce and a huge lemon raspberry cheesecake for dessert. It was amazing!! And now it’s a month of some seriously healthy eating–Geoff has some pounds to lose, and I have some pounds to gain, but I’d like to do it by eating the things that are best for this little baby! So far, luckily, this baby likes a lot more healthy stuff than Sam did. With him, all I craved was horrible stuff and I couldn’t keep down veggies for nearly the entire pregnancy. This time, I love fruits and veggies and a lot of healthy foods! Avocados are my most favorite now–not the lowest in calories, but it sure is the tastiest! I eat them by themselves with lime juice and salt…best food ever. My baby is going to come out half human and half guacamole by the amount of them I eat!!

Vacation was completely fabulous. We had playdates, we hung out at home, it was relaxing and perfect. I accomplished about, oh, ONE of my household tasks, but I was ok with that. We got caught up on laundry and we got the bedroom cleaned up, which is progress. We have a renter living in a bedroom upstairs now, so it’s been good motivation for us to be neater! Sam gets closer and closer to crawling every day which I know will make us be even cleaner!!! Our coffee table is in a prime location for little hands to pull things off–I’m guessing that it won’t take long for us to be better at cleaning up after ourselves.

4th of July was great–I love celebrating Sam’s first holidays! He is finally getting to the age where he actually has fun going out places and people watching, so we took him for a walk in downtown Annapolis in the afternoon. Crowded, but so fun! Sam had a great time in his stroller, and we had a great time with our iced coffee and watching some stuntmen down by the dock. Monday we took Sam to the 4th of July Parade with my mom and stepdad and Geoff’s mom and our friend Jenn with her adorable twins. Sam did NOT enjoy the noisy sirens, but he enjoyed being doted on by his two grandmothers and playing with all of us. I love starting traditions with our family that I look forward to continuing.

We’re debating starting Sam on some food in the next few weeks. He’ll be 7 months old this week, and we’re trying to wait as long as possible before we start solids. Our pediatricianĀ encourages waiting and we are in no rush. Right now Sam seems pretty happy with not having food, but he’s starting to not sleep quite as long through the night, so we’re waiting to see if it’s just a time of sleep disturbance or if we should consider introducing food. We’ll see! I can’t believe how fast these months are beginning to go. And I also can’t believe I’m 15 weeks pregnant today!!! It’s going by SO fast! And I’m feeling great these days, which is amazing, because my last pregnancy I was sick for so much longer. I’m extremely thankful for some energy to invest into my little Sammy! And now it’s bedtime, but here’s some pictures from the 4th!