The One with the Start of Vacation!


Soo guess who doesn’t have to go work til July 6th? ME! I’m so so excited about having some vacation time to get my house in order and hang out with my kiddo! I have lots of projects planned for the house: cleaning out my kitchen cabinets and hanging our pot rack, sorting through the GIANT stacks of mail waiting to be shredded and recycled, getting caught up on laundry (literally have not had all the clothes in our house clean at once since we moved in) and doing some sorting through Sam’s clothes to figure out what we’re saving/not saving/storing/keeping out for baby, etc. I also am excited to cook REAL dinners every night instead of hotdogs or turkey sandwiches, which we’ve had waayyy too much lately. It’s going to be great! I’m also taking Sammy swimming for the first time (provided I can actually find a swimsuit…) and am looking forward to spending the mornings with him and hanging out with my baby all day!!

We have also been crazy excited about our grill–we christened it the other night with a giant delicious salmon filet, and followed it up with some grilled peaches. Take a look at these beauties…


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