The One With All the Dads


Today was Geoff’s first official Father’s Day, and it was pretty exciting. He did a great job (along with the rest of our family!!) of making me feel loved and special and appreciated on Mother’s Day, so I was so excited to do the same for him today. I actually got so excited that even though I had planned on letting him sleep until whenever he woke up (a rare treat in a house with a 6 month old, as I’m sure most of you know!) but at 830a, I couldn’t contain myself anymore. I ran into our room like a little kid and jumped on the bed yelling “It’s father’s day! Get up! Get up! You have to get up!!” I was partly excited because I had warm cinnamon rolls waiting for him along with a big glass of orange juice (two things we NEVER buy but that he loves) and I was partly excited to make him go outside and see his amazing and beautiful new Weber grill. We’ve been using a small camping grill since we got married and while it got the job done at our apartment, it wasn’t cutting it anymore. We love grilling and it makes it way easier for us to eat healthy so I’m very excited about getting to use it! And Geoff was thrilled because anytime I ever ask him what he wants for a gift, he says “If it’s a gift for a man, it should turn on. That’s all I’m saying.” Usually what he ends up with is cologne because I can’t think of anything else so I was happy to have a gift he approved as a “Man’s gift.” haha

Watching Geoff love our baby has made me fall more in love with him than ever. Going back to our first pregnancy, I remember what a great support for me he was because I talked to so many women who said their husbands didn’t quite understand or feel their loss as much. I remember being really thankful that even in the early week that we lost our baby, Geoff had already loved that little one. I loved his excitement when we found out we were pregnant again and listening to him talk to my belly when Sam was in there. And now that Sam is here, I love watching Geoff make him laugh and listening to their little conversations. Geoff loves to tell Sam how much we love him and tell him all the things they’re going to do together when he gets older. It’s really precious to see and makes me so thankful and eager for the future.

To all the dads in my life and in the life of my friends and of my friends kids–Thank you! Being a parent is challenging as I think all of us who are parents know, and I think men especially have the extra burden of loving their children, but also loving their high maintenance (at least in our house….) wives and leading the home. I’m thankful for the father that he is and I can’t wait until Sam and Baby#2 get to know him more!


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  1. A great tribute to Geoff! Dad’s need to hear that we respect and love them, probably far more than we verbalize it. Isn’t it easy to do when we watch them love our sons and daughters? Oh yeah.

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