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The One with the Start of Vacation!


Soo guess who doesn’t have to go work til July 6th? ME! I’m so so excited about having some vacation time to get my house in order and hang out with my kiddo! I have lots of projects planned for the house: cleaning out my kitchen cabinets and hanging our pot rack, sorting through the GIANT stacks of mail waiting to be shredded and recycled, getting caught up on laundry (literally have not had all the clothes in our house clean at once since we moved in) and doing some sorting through Sam’s clothes to figure out what we’re saving/not saving/storing/keeping out for baby, etc. I also am excited to cook REAL dinners every night instead of hotdogs or turkey sandwiches, which we’ve had waayyy too much lately. It’s going to be great! I’m also taking Sammy swimming for the first time (provided I can actually find a swimsuit…) and am looking forward to spending the mornings with him and hanging out with my baby all day!!

We have also been crazy excited about our grill–we christened it the other night with a giant delicious salmon filet, and followed it up with some grilled peaches. Take a look at these beauties…


The One With All the Dads


Today was Geoff’s first official Father’s Day, and it was pretty exciting. He did a great job (along with the rest of our family!!) of making me feel loved and special and appreciated on Mother’s Day, so I was so excited to do the same for him today. I actually got so excited that even though I had planned on letting him sleep until whenever he woke up (a rare treat in a house with a 6 month old, as I’m sure most of you know!) but at 830a, I couldn’t contain myself anymore. I ran into our room like a little kid and jumped on the bed yelling “It’s father’s day! Get up! Get up! You have to get up!!” I was partly excited because I had warm cinnamon rolls waiting for him along with a big glass of orange juice (two things we NEVER buy but that he loves) and I was partly excited to make him go outside and see his amazing and beautiful new Weber grill. We’ve been using a small camping grill since we got married and while it got the job done at our apartment, it wasn’t cutting it anymore. We love grilling and it makes it way easier for us to eat healthy so I’m very excited about getting to use it! And Geoff was thrilled because anytime I ever ask him what he wants for a gift, he says “If it’s a gift for a man, it should turn on. That’s all I’m saying.” Usually what he ends up with is cologne because I can’t think of anything else so I was happy to have a gift he approved as a “Man’s gift.” haha

Watching Geoff love our baby has made me fall more in love with him than ever. Going back to our first pregnancy, I remember what a great support for me he was because I talked to so many women who said their husbands didn’t quite understand or feel their loss as much. I remember being really thankful that even in the early week that we lost our baby, Geoff had already loved that little one. I loved his excitement when we found out we were pregnant again and listening to him talk to my belly when Sam was in there. And now that Sam is here, I love watching Geoff make him laugh and listening to their little conversations. Geoff loves to tell Sam how much we love him and tell him all the things they’re going to do together when he gets older. It’s really precious to see and makes me so thankful and eager for the future.

To all the dads in my life and in the life of my friends and of my friends kids–Thank you! Being a parent is challenging as I think all of us who are parents know, and I think men especially have the extra burden of loving their children, but also loving their high maintenance (at least in our house….) wives and leading the home. I’m thankful for the father that he is and I can’t wait until Sam and Baby#2 get to know him more!

The One With Breakfast for Dinner


Sooo, Toy Story 3 comes out on Friday. I couldn’t possibly be more excited. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Pixar movies, and I’m a huge Toy Story fan. I’ve seen the first 2 about a billion times each. And the fact that it’s taken them over 10 years to come out with a third leads me to believe it’s going to be fantastic. I believe my hubby and I are going to make a date of it and go see it opening night!

Life’s been just exhausting lately. It’s probably a combo of 1st trimester ickiness, having a 6 month old, getting up at 4am for work…you know, all that fun stuff. I also am not a huge fan of not seeing Geoff all the time. Prolly selfish and dumb, since lots of people don’t get to see their husbands a lot, but right now Geoff and I are working opposite shifts about 3 days a week, so it’s weird to balance life. Both of us are terrible housekeepers, but when we’re home together we don’t mind pitching in and working as a team to get things done. When we’re home on our own…quite another story. You’d be appalled if you came into my house right now. But Geoff’s at work, so instead of cleaning it, I’m blogging instead. I will tell you, though, the one positive thing about him being gone at dinnertime–Geoff doesn’t like breakfast for dinner (I know. It’s pretty much his biggest flaw.) How does someone not like breakfast for dinner??? I have no idea. So when he is gone, I nearly always make myself something delicious and breakfasty! Tonight was eggs and english muffin. Happiness 🙂

In other news, Geoff’s looking for a new job right now. With the new baby coming, we really need to add a little extra income and he is ready to start looking for a long-term job. He had an interview last week that we are still waiting to hear about, so we are prayerfully hoping that this one works out, and that if not, we find something even better.

Also, my baby boy slept over 12 hours last night. Happy sigh. And now it’s bedtime for me!

The one with the new blog!


So, sometimes Blogger drives me bananas. Maybe it’s because Im horrible at computers, but it always messed up everything I tried to do. Plus, I guess I should have looked ahead and realized, “Hey, we won’t always be newlyweds.” Even though sometimes I feel like we are 🙂 But I thought as we prepare to be a family of 4, it would be as good a time as any to switch to a family blog. I’m not promising to be any better at updating this one, but I’m gonna try!

And here’s the number one reason I hate blogger: Pictures. It always messed up my entire post. Here’s to new things!